10 Interesting Quests to Try in OSRS

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is more than simply skill-grinding. Gielinor is a vibrant realm with quests that provide thrilling adventures and rewarding encounters. Completing missions is a crucial component of the game, whether you’re an experienced player or a newbie. This post will explore ten enjoyable OSRS missions that will take you on a tour around Gielinor’s vast and varied countries.

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Romeo and Juliet: A Story of Love and Misfortune

Begin your adventure with Romeo and Juliet, a beautiful quest that will pull at your emotions. Play the role of a matchmaker as you assist Romeo and Juliet in overcoming their families’ animosity. In this pleasant mission, you must navigate around the picturesque village of Varrock, solve riddles, and deliver love letters.

Animal Magnetism – Seek Ava’s Assistance

Begin an exciting journey with Animal Magnetism by assisting Ava, an eccentric inventor, in locating her misplaced rucksack. Travel through the scary Haunted Woods and confront zombie monsters while using Ava’s brilliant inventions to defend yourself. Completing this quest will provide you with Ava’s Accumulator, a helpful tool for ranged combat.

Recipe for Disaster: A Culinary Catastrophe

Recipe for Disaster is a set of difficult subquests that will put your talents to the test in numerous elements of the game. To rescue Lumbridge from approaching disaster, assemble a cast of eccentric and varied individuals, including the iconic Evil Dave and the formidable Culinaromancer. This quest has an exciting and amusing tale, making it a player favorite.

Zanaris, the Lost City of Fairies, is discovered.

In Lost City, explore the enigmatic kingdom of Zanaris, a secret realm accessed by a magical fairy ring. Discover the fairies’ secrets and help them in their predicament. The adventure concludes with an exciting encounter against a formidable adversary, granting access to Zanaris and its unique features.

Confront the Malevolent Sea Creatures in “Horror from the Deep.”

Dive into the abyssal depths in Horror from the Deep, an underwater adventure where you must combat wicked aquatic monsters. Explore ancient tunnels, cast powerful god spells, and battle terrifying bosses. Completing this quest grants access to ancient and powerful God Spells.

Rescue the Fairy Queen in Fairytale II: Cure a Queen

Fairytale II – Cure a Queen continues your fairy tale quest. Explore the fairy worlds, including Zanaris and the Enchanted Valley, searching for a solution for the Fairy Queen’s illness. You’ll meet unusual animals and fulfill a variety of chores along the road. This quest has a captivating narrative and provides significant prizes.

The Giant Dwarf – Assist in the Rebuilding of Keldagrim

Set off on a journey to help the dwarves restore the old city of Keldagrim in The Giant Dwarf. Work on building projects, solve riddles, and overcome obstacles to unearth the city’s mysteries. After completing this quest, you will get entrance to Keldagrim, a busy town full of activities and chances.

Ghosts Afloat – Interact with Spirits

Ghosts Ahoy is a creepy yet fun adventure through the haunting village of Port Phasmatys. Assist spirits in achieving closure, interact with the spirit world, and assist Port Phasmatys residents in transitioning to the afterlife. This quest grants you access to the Ectophial, useful teleportation equipment.

Set Sail on a Pirate Adventure if you have cabin fever.

Set sail on a dangerous journey over the high seas with Cabin Fever, a pirate-themed quest. Become a pirate recruit and foil the villainous pirate captain’s intentions. Compete against other pirates, cross perilous waterways, and discover secret pirate riches.

Unravel the Mysteries of Desert Slavery with the Tourist Trap

The Tourist Trap transports you to Al Kharid’s blistering desert, where you must investigate a dark slave trade. Solve riddles, liberate prisoners, and face the terrible slavemaster. Completing this quest grants you essential experience and access to exclusive regions.


Searching in Old School RuneScape is an interesting way to explore Gielinor’s extensive and varied environment. These ten entertaining adventures provide fascinating tales, various difficulties, and great rewards. So, gather your courage, go on these exciting adventures to enhance your OSRS experience, and unravel the numerous secrets that await you in this beautiful universe.

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