5 Best Apps to Track an iPhone online in 2020

Technology of today’s era is so advanced and high-end that there is hardly anything left that can’t be done with the help of technology. In fact, tasks like tracking an iPhone online that used to seem possible can be done in a blink of an eye with full conviction.

If you’re the one that scores an A in general knowledge then you must be aware of it. But, if you’re the one that digs the internet only when it’s needed then you have probably missed these iPhone tracking apps. So, here we are!

5 Best Apps to Track an iPhone online in 2020:

This article is lending you a helping hand and telling you about those iPhone tracking apps that are all the rage in 2020 and beyond.

#1 – Spyier:

The first iPhone tracking app that has made the whole world crazy with its absolutely flawless performance and features in 2020 is Spyier. An ideal blend of technology and human acumen, this iPhone tracking app enjoys a customer base of over million at present.

Just make a Google search on Spyier and you’ll find out the millions review of Spyier singing in its praise. Seeing the way it has made iPhone tracking a hassle-free job, we can easily conclude that Spyic is not going to lose its sheen in many more upcoming years.


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And it has already been anticipated by world media houses. That’s why they start supporting it in full swing. There is no doubt that Spyic is the crowned head whenever we talk about iPhone tracking because:

It’s an absolute risk-free option:

Unlike other online options that ask you to try your hand on jailbreak, Spyier adopts a risk-free method to track an iPhone. This method involves pairing with the OS and fetching details for you. While it ensures the safety of the targeted OS, it also safeguards your crucial information.

Whenever you try any risky online solution, they increase the chances of unwanted exposure to your crucial information. But Spyier put a stop on this possibility as well by working without having your data on its server.

As we have some limitations here and we need to talk about four other options as well, you must check this post to track an iPhone using Spyier and gain a detailed insight on this matter.

Its location tracking is amazing:

The location history of an iPhone user can change frequently. So, it’s obvious that you become apprehensive about the viability of any iPhone tracking app. But, this is not the case with Spyier.

It gives you live details like GPS coordinates and Wi-Fi-based location in real-time. The biggest proof of this is the timestamp that comes with every data.


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Using it is super easy:

We can’t stop thinking about Spyier’s web-based interface as it has paved the path of the easiest possible iPhone tracking facility. This interface can be accessed using any device/browser and require any special skills to operate.

Using a targeted account’s iCloud credentials, you can track every activity of the iPhone.

#2 – Minspy

Considering Minspy for the task of iPhone tracking can be one of the best decisions of your life as its features, facilities, and user-friendliness have not to match. There is no area where you’ll feel disappointed with Minspy. Its jailbreak –free tracking technology is true bliss.

It’s the most comprehensive iPhone tracking that you can ever ask for:

If you really want that your efforts pay you off then you must find a tracking app that can track almost everything that happens over an iPhone. Its assistance shouldn’t be just limited to location tracking. Minspy believes in the same.

This solution offers you tracking of around 35 phone activities. All of this can be done using the same web-based interface. Nothing else is needed. No special hardware/software or special skills. That’s why it’s indeed a good pick to make in 2020.

#3 – Spyine:

If there is one tracking app that you should take on board without thinking about the cost is Spyine.

It offers you the world-class iPhone tracking facility at most pocket-friendly pricing. You can track an iPhone for one month at a cost of $10. So, iPhone tracking is no longer limited to those big bungalows.

Risk-free iPhone tracking:

Earlier, people used to be afraid to try their hands on iPhone tracking for good reasons. Jailbreaking was not an easy and risk-free option. But, then Spyine happened and we got 100% jailbreak-free tracking. It’s so discreet that no one can find out what you are up to.

Then we can’t miss out on the quality that it maintains throughout the process. Every data comes with a timestamp. All of the data is rendered directly on the dashboard and you can also track 35 activities in one go.


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#4 – Spyic:

Spyic is one such iPhone tracking app that makes sure nothing goes off the radar when it’s at your service. It helps you to find out the GPS and Wi-Fi-based location coordinates without any glitches.

Spyic is so accurate and perfect in this job that no one can ever find out your intentions.

Technology at its best:

It’s 2020 and there is no place for outdated technologies. That’s why Spyic uses novel iPhone tracking technology which is free from the jailbreak process.

Its web-based interface is a tech-marvel that has helped millions to track more than 35 phone activities without any hassles.

#5 – Neatspy

Here, we have reached the end of the article and it’s time to discuss Neatspy, a cut-above iPhone tracking app.

Without making things complicated and cumbersome, this allows you to find out the live location, call history, and many more phone activities with full perfection.

No space for flaws:

When you’re using Neatspy, you can be sure of one thing that you will never mess around with anything. As it offers you a 100% web-based interface, no one can ever find out that you’re tracking one’s location.

Also, Neatspy’s dashboard can be accessed using any device/browser. So, no hassles are involved.

Gist of all:

Day-by-day technology is advancing and we are enjoying straightforwardness at every front. In 2020, we have a whole bunch of iPhone tracking apps that can help you monitor an iPhone from miles apart.

Spyier is the first pick for good reasons like jailbreak-free operations, secure data handling, and purely web-based interface. The rest of the options are also highly futuristic and will help you in 2020 and beyond.

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