5 Countries That We Recommend Using a VPN

A VPN works as a private and secured portal for all your digital activities. It masks your real identity, keeps your IP address anonymous, provides robust encryption to protect sensitive data and transactions, and unblocks all geo-restricted websites, and services.




It’s excellent protection from prying eyes, government surveillance, and third-party hackers that want to dig deeper into your data, sensitive files, and privacy. 

It’s a complete mask of all your online activities, and nobody can track or monitor all the events you’re up to. Using a VPN is vital, especially if you’ll be staying or residing in one of the five countries that is a member of the FVEY or Five Eyes. 

5 Countries You Need To Use VPN

It is highly recommended to secure your identity or digital footprints if you are within Canada, the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or Australia. These countries are FVEY alliances and can access all your online activity and disregard your privacy. 

The Canadian government permits the use of a VPN to all its residents and visitors. 

While not everyone is aware of the benefits of using a VPN, some have discovered how essential it is to have one, especially if you wanted to keep your privacy secure.

If you live in one of the FVEY alliances, this is a list of great VPN here for the Canada region, which you can use worldwide, whether you want to access region-restricted websites, secure online transactions, or hide or secure your identity. 

Some members of this alliance abuse their authority when it comes to collecting and sharing online details and bridges citizen’s privacy. With telecommunications legal authority to collect and record your online activities and sell it to third parties. 

Internet service providers (ISP) have been recording/collecting logs or data from their subscribers for years. With retention laws from your digital activities, no wonder you’ll need to act and provide safety measures to secure your online privacy.  

It’s legal to use VPN in Canada. The government allows its citizens to use this software for their peace of mind, security, or privacy. 

The United Kingdom authorizes its telcos and ISPs to collect and record browsing histories, text messages, and customers’ connectivity history or logged times for two years, which is available to the United Kingdom’s government agencies and partners without a warrant.

Australia has the same data retention law in the United States. The US has implemented the Orwellian crowd surveillance, which collects citizens’ data from ISPs and telcos help.

The government has given legal authority to ISPs when it comes to data retention for a long time.

Countries that are part of the FVEY have tremendous power to force telcos and ISPs to collect, record, and share your data with them. 

Why Use A VPN?

Security is the primary reason why most people use a VPN on every digital activity. A VPN provides access to geo-restricted websites, unblocked streaming services, online games, or provides strong encryptions that mask your identity online.  

If you frequently travel from one country to another, chances are using your credit or debit card can be a hassle. A VPN can save you with all the hassle and enjoy your short travel safely and conveniently in one of these countries. 

A VPN allows you to connect multiple devices with simultaneous use, which means total protection from your household. 

Connecting to a public or shared WiFi opens the door for third-party groups to access your data and sensitive information. A VPN can secure your connectivity regardless of where you are. All your online activities are guaranteed protected.


Whether you’re a resident or visiting these countries, it’s vital to have additional knowledge and secure your online activities, knowing that there are prying eyes who want to peek with your privacy. 

Using a VPN safeguards your privacy and secures your identity and digital footprints. Finding a reliable and established VPN provider brings peace of mind and total protection, regardless of the location.


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