6 Best Apps to Spy on Cell Phone without Installing Software

We’ve all wondered how to hack into another phone at some point. Be it because of an embarrassing photo that a friend has, or maybe to keep a check on a friend who keeps calling their no-good ex; we’ve all been there.

But wanting to do something and actually pulling it off are two different things. Or at least they were until new age spyware didn’t come into the picture!

6 Best Apps to Spy on Cell Phone without Installing Software

Today, nifty phone spy apps have made it possible to break into any target smartphone and that too, within a few clicks. But though you’ll find loads of spyware solutions on the internet, not all are reliable or even secure.

That’s why we’ve taken the liberty to put together 6 of the best apps which you can use to monitor a target device without any software installation.

Part 1: Spyier

Spyier is the best tool that we have reviewed so far. The tool is not only covert and safe but is highly dependable as well. Its reliability comes from the fact that Spyier has been around in the phone monitoring industry for over a decade, during which it has been widely accepted in more than 190 countries.


Spy on Cell Phone


This tool has also been featured by numerous tech-giants like Tech Advisor, PC World, and The Verge where it has come out at the top, amongst all the spyware solutions it was compared against. 

Spyier has a hint of simplicity combined with practical usability which ensures that it can be easily learned by anyone. Even someone who doesn’t possess any tech knowledge can easily pick up the working of this app.

Developed using cutting-edge technology, Spyier can hack into any given iOS or Android device pretty easily without tripping any alarms. Neither does the tool require a rooted/jailbroken device to work on, nor does it store any user data on its server. It maintains complete secrecy and offers optimum privacy. Now that’s eye-catching we’re sure!

Once you’ve registered with Spyier, you get access to a free online dashboard. This is the place where the data collected from the target device is relayed to. The dashboard can be accessed from any browser of the user’s choice, be it mobile or desktop.


Spy on Cell Phone


Best Aspects of Spyier

  • Spyier’s iOS version is completely web-based therefore no sort of software installation or download is required. This makes Spyier the best free spy on cell phones without installing software. However, to get access to the target phone’s data, the iCloud credentials used on it will be required during setup. 
  • The app works in total stealth mode and doesn’t need you to intervene at any point. Neither are you required to participate in any surveys or human verification processes.
  • Spyier is extremely affordable and allows you to enjoy 35+ features with a single subscription purchase.

Setting up Spyier

Here are the steps using which you can get the tool running on your iOS device:

Step 1: Create a free Spyier account and pick out a suitable subscription plan which caters to your needs. 

Step 2: Specify the target OS like iOS and fill in the target’s iCloud credentials to allow the tool to start syncing data from the target person’s iCloud backup. 


Spy on Cell Phone


Step 3: Hit ‘Start’ on the finish screen to kick-off remote phone monitoring.

Part 2: Minspy

Minspy is brilliant spyware that works well with the latest version of iOS and is completely web-based, like Spyier. Having millions of delighted consumers spanning all across the globe, the software gives you access to some very impressive phone spying features. 

Minspy works in the background without giving itself away and also protects your identity. The application is also very easy to set up and can be up-and-running in a matter of minutes. Among its best features are complete call and SMS tracking, GPS location tracking, contact book and multimedia access, and more.

Part 3: Spyine

Spyine has made its place at the top due to the huge list of features it has to offer. The tool is very easy to use and is capable of performing full-fledged monitoring of the target iOS or Android device. 

Mimicking Spyier’s capabilities, Spyine does not require a jailbroken device to work on. It is also completely web-based so no installation is needed on the target device or on your own device. Offering dedicated social media monitoring panels, with this tool you can take a step further in keeping tabs on the activities of your target person.

Part 4: Spyic

Another covert phone spy solution, Spyic works in utter secrecy making sure that it doesn’t give itself away. The spyware has been largely used by home and professional users owing to the secrecy and flexibility it offers. 

Spyic is totally web-based and requires no special permissions to work. It offers features like complete access to the contact book, keeping a check on text messages and calls, and the capability of tracking the target device’s location at all times.

Part 5: Neatspy

Neatspy is counted among the best parental phone spy applications out there. It packs features like 24/7 target tracking and also gives a complete 3D street view feature which is very helpful for parents who want to keep a check on their children’s whereabouts. 

The tool is quite capable of fetching all the call logs and text messages on the target device. It can even recover the texts or call logs that have been deleted. Neatspy is quite similar to Spyier, because it also requires target iCloud credentials to access the target device’s data. 

Part 6: Clickfree

The last stealthy spyware on our list is Clickfree. Coming in handy to track a given device at all times, it creates a complete replica of the target device within an online dashboard in a matter of minutes. 

In terms of features, Clickfree can fetch you the contact information, incoming or outgoing text messages and calls, and more from the target device. It is also capable of getting you the media files present on the target device. The tool is pretty affordable and stealthy.

To Conclude

So friends, there you have our top picks for 6 Best Apps to Spy on Cell Phone without Installing Software. Each of the mentioned applications has its own unique features to offer and all are equally safe and reliable.

These applications are pretty affordable and also get your job with ease. With each tool, you get more than 35 dedicated features to interact with which enables you to keep a good check on the target device.

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