Can’t Get Apple Tv App on Samsung Tv?

Samsung TVs do not support the Apple TV app at this time. Apple TV app is not available on Samsung TVs.

This means that users with Samsung TVs cannot access the Apple TV app, which provides a wide range of content such as movies, TV shows, and original content from Apple’s streaming service.

While Samsung TVs offer a variety of other streaming apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, the Apple TV app specifically is not currently supported on these devices.

Apple TV app is compatible with other devices, such as Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and select smart TVs from other brands. However, if you are a Samsung TV owner and wish to use the Apple TV app, you would need to explore alternative options, such as connecting an external streaming device or using a different device altogether.

Apple TV App Compatibility

Apple TV app offers a wide range of entertainment options, allowing users to stream their favorite movies, TV shows, and live sporting events. However, if you are a Samsung TV user and can’t find the Apple TV app on your device, several factors might be causing this inconvenience.

One of the possible reasons for the unavailability of the Apple TV app on Samsung TVs could be compatibility issues. Samsung models manufactured before 2018 may not support the app, as it requires certain technical capabilities that older models lack.

Another reason for the app’s unavailability could be due to regional restrictions or the app not being available in certain countries. Additionally, outdated software or firmware on your Samsung TV might also prevent the app from appearing in your app store.

If you are facing difficulties accessing the Apple TV app on your Samsung TV, ensure that your TV model is compatible with the app, update your software/firmware, and check for any regional restrictions. By addressing these factors, you can enhance your entertainment experience by enjoying the Apple TV app on your compatible Samsung TV.

Alternative Ways To Access Apple Tv On Samsung Tv

If you are unable to find the Apple TV app on your Samsung TV, don’t worry! There are alternative ways to access Apple TV content on your Samsung TV. One option is to cast from other Apple devices to your Samsung TV.

This can be done using AirPlay 2, a feature available on compatible Samsung TVs. With AirPlay 2, you can easily stream videos, photos, music, and more from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac directly to your Samsung TV.

Simply connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi network, open the content you want to cast, and select the AirPlay icon to start streaming on your Samsung TV.

This allows you to enjoy Apple TV content on your Samsung TV without the need for a separate app. So, even if the Apple TV app is not available on your Samsung TV, you can still access and enjoy your favorite Apple content hassle-free.

Future Updates And Possibilities

Are you wondering why you can’t get the Apple TV app on your Samsung TV? You might be interested to know about the potential collaboration between Apple and Samsung that could provide a solution.

With future updates and possibilities in mind, there is a chance that Apple and Samsung will work together to expand app availability on smart TVs.

Speculations suggest that Apple TV app integration into smart TVs could be on the horizon. While we can’t provide any concrete details, there is hope that Apple and Samsung will find a way to make the app accessible across different brands. This could potentially open up a world of entertainment options for Samsung TV owners.

So, keep an eye out for future developments and updates, as a partnership between Apple and Samsung could lead to exciting changes in the availability of the Apple TV app on Samsung TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Can’t Get Apple Tv App On Samsung Tv?

Why Is Apple TV not Showing On My Samsung?

Apple TV may not be showing on your Samsung TV due to compatibility issues. Make sure your TV supports Apple AirPlay or has the Apple TV app installed. Check for software updates on both devices and ensure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Restarting both devices can also help resolve the issue.

Why Can’t I Download Apple Tv On Samsung Tv?

Apple TV is not available for download on Samsung TVs because it is designed exclusively for Apple devices. Samsung TVs have their own Smart TV platform with pre-installed apps.

How Do I Add The Apple TV app To My Samsung TV?

To add the Apple TV app to your Samsung TV, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Samsung App Store on your TV.

2. Search for “Apple TV” using the search bar.

3. Select the Apple TV app from the search results.

4. Click on the “Install” button to download and add the app to your TV.

5. Once installed, open the Apple TV app and enter your Apple ID to sign in and start using it.

Can I Get an Apple Tv App On My Samsung?

Yes, you can get the Apple TV app on your Samsung device.


While it may seem frustrating that you can’t get the Apple TV app on your Samsung TV, there are several alternatives to consider.

From using AirPlay 2 to accessing Apple TV through streaming devices or game consoles, there are options available to enjoy the Apple TV content on your Samsung TV.

Remember to explore these solutions and choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences. Get ready to enhance your entertainment experience!


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