How to Change Screen Brightness in Windows 10? – A Quick Guide

Do you know why most computer users wear glasses? Because they have eye problems. And it happens for the poor settings of their monitor.

Yes. Unless the monitor brightness is not up to the mark, you have to pay the toll.

But if you know How to Change Screen Brightness in Windows 10, that’d be great. The screen brightness will remain tolerable. There would be no issues at all.

So, this post will explain the process in detail. Surprisingly, this is a simple issue but many of the users are unaware of it. In fact, it may take less than a minute to perform the tweaking.

Let’s check it here.

A Quick Guide On How to Change Screen Brightness in Windows 10?


You can do it in two ways. The first one is done manually by checking the brightness panel. And the second one is by using your monitor’s brightness adjustment function. You will get an explanation of both the process.

Method 1

Go to Settings on your computer.  Then go to the System option. Find out the Display. There, you will have several options. Select Brightness.

Now, change the brightness according to your needs. Make sure, you can see and read on your screen. The brightness should not be too much lower or too much higher.

Save the settings and get out of the function.

Method 2

It’s another effortless process. At present, most of the monitors arrive with a display adjustment function.

There, you can reduce or increase the screen brightness.

Press the adjustment button. You will get several options. Select the brightness. Adjust it and keep the settings. You can also adjust the contrast for better visibility.

Once you complete the adjustment, save the adjustment. The screen brightness will be now at a tolerable limit.

Disadvantages of Excessive Brightness on Monitor

Of course, the technology is advancing rapidly. The latest gadget or technology is replaced by another fresh device on the next morning. But this is not possible to update with technological advancements every day.

You must grab something that you have right now. And in this process, you may witness some demerits. Knowing the process to deal with the disadvantages will help to comply and survive the situation.

Excessive monitor brightness is one such issue. Currently, there are monitors that can ensure no damage to the users. But the ordinary monitors do. So, let’s check a couple of those issues.

If you keep looking at a monitor for over five hours at a stretch, you are in trouble. Your eyes will lose natural ease. You can feel a sort of pain behind the eyes. In fact, the nerves of your eyes are stressed. It happens when you look at the screen for a long time.

Even if you have dim lighting, that may cause strain too. The lighting system should be up to the mark always. Otherwise, you have to suffer in the long run.

How to Set Perfect Brightness?

Setting up the perfect brightness is easier. It takes less than a minute to perform the entire task.

Take a piece of white paper. Hold it on your monitor screen. Now, adjust the brightness according to the paper color. Keep adjusting unless your monitor appears as white as the paper.

Hopefully, it will help you out effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Low Brightness Better For Eyes?

The answer is a big “NO.” Low brightness can also cause eye strain. When you are accustomed to low light, your eyes will have to take more pressure to see the screen. When the screen is low, there is a blur effect which pressurizes the eye.

Some may have ideas that low brightness is good for the eyes. But scientifically that is not proven. It may also create eye strains which might have long-term detrimental impacts.

Therefore, make sure the brightness is balanced.

What Can I Do to Prevent Eye Strains After Using Computer?

Well. There are no alternatives to eye exercises. If you are used to sitting in front of a bright computer, you need to take a break. Also, you can perform some exercises.

For instance, you need to take a pause. Look at a distance. Focus on any specific object. You need to do this for around 20 to 30 seconds. Ensure you take breaks after every thirty minutes of continuous work.

Can I Use a Blue Light Filter?

Sure. You can use a blue light filter to prevent the screen brightness. Using a blue light filter is one of the easiest ways to prevent screen glare. Either you can use a screen protector or can configure the night light settings.

Last Words

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