Chrome and Firefox Allow Your Internet Provider to Spy on You

We all are connected to the internet so that we gain access to the vast sea of information. The Internet provides us the ultimate solution to access the information and improves our life.

To access web pages, we are using browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, etc. There has been a concern that chrome and Firefox are allowing your ISP to spy on you.


Chrome and Firefox


Though this statement is not true, they do provide some loopholes that can create the gateway for the ISP to spy on you. But you can make things a lot harder for the ISP while using the chrome and Firefox.

Chrome and Firefox allow your internet provider to spy

Follow the tips of this article and your ISP will no longer be able to spy on you. Though it might seem an easy task if you focus on the tips carefully, you can master these techniques in very easy steps.

Use the private mode

When you browse the internet using Chrome or Firefox, you can use the incognito or private mode. This mode secures your data from the ISP eyes and no one can truly hack into your system unless they have the right skills.

Private mood keeps your browsing history separate and it is not accessible from the ISP end. You might say, no history is saved in the private mode and this might be a problematic case for many users.

But if you carefully assess the state of the ISP, you will use the incognito mode as it will protect the user data and browsing history.

Always use the updated browser

Millions of people are using chrome and Firefox. They are the top browsers in the world. The developers are working day and night to reinforce the security and bringing the latest update so that no one gets access to the critical information.

But if you chose not to update the security patch, the ISP will have an edge. So, always use the updated software so that no one can spy on your browsing history. You should consider the best VPNs according to Reddit as it can secure your browsing history by encrypting the data.

Use the VPN

Those who are concern about the privacy and thinking the ISP is spying should use the VPN. There is no reason to believe that chrome and Mozilla can protect your data from your local ISP.

But you can easily solve this problem even by using a free VPN. But we highly recommend going for the paid VPN as it will give the ultimate access to the encrypted world. All the information will be encrypted in a secured medium and it will be harder for ISP to track down your activity.

Many people often think VPN is just a waste of money. But if you deal with sophisticated information, you need a VPN. You might not be the target for the hacker for the time being, but over the period, your weakness in the internet world will attract hackers.

Stop using addons from an unknown source

One of the key reasons for which the data are being from popular browsers like Firefox and chrome is the unknown add-ons. When you rely on the unknown add-ons, you are imposing a great risk to your personal computer.

People don’t realize the fact, the unknown add-ons are often developed by hackers. So, if you want to protect your identity and stay safe, you must use the add-ons from the trusted source.


By now you know, chrome and Firefox are not giving you the ultimate privacy. Privacy in the internet world is a very tough thing to ensure.

However, if you follow the advice of this article, it will be an easy task to protect the data. Develop the habit of using a private search engine and forget about the unsecured data connection.

Always use a reliable internet connection so that you can get some transparency from the ISP. You must research your ISP and see how they are serving the other clients. If the feedback is positive, you can stay safe.

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