How to Disable Network Access To The Windows Registry?

Are you looking for how to disable network access to the windows registry? Here’s how to restrict network access to the registry in Windows Home, Pro, and Enterprise.

If you share your PC with others, disabling network access to the windows registry can be helpful to prevent stories that touch. Less experienced users messing with the registry can lead to intense system failures, screw up your PC as well as create other nasty problems.

With that, it’s important to lock down the registry aspect of your PC for beginner users you share your computer with. The process, however, is quite different for versions of Windows; therefore, this article will give a separate guide.

How to disable Network Access to the Windows Registry in Windows 7 or 8.1:

If you have the Pro or Enterprise edition of Windows, then the easy way to do this is to make use of the “Local Group Policy Editor.”

Important Note:

Through your administrator account, temporarily set the user you’re making changes for as an administrator. Then log in through their account to edit their registry. After that, log out and change their account back to a standard user(through your admin account).

Note also that the Local Group Policy Editor hack only works in the Professional and Enterprise edition of Windows.

With all these in place, let’s get started.

  1. From the start screen, search for MSC and press enter to run the program.
  2. On the left side of the screen, in the Group Policy Editor window, navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates> System.
  3. On the right panel, double click the option that says “Prevent access to registry editing tools.”
  4. Change the radio button to “Enabled,” close out of the Group Policy Editor, and you’re done.

Now login through your Administrator account and revert their account to a standard account. They will be greeted with an error message that says: “Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator” whenever they try to access the Windows registry.

Disable Network Access to Windows Registry in Windows 10 Home Edition:

Windows limits access to some Windows elements in the Home versions of Windows. Therefore, you’ll need to go in and tweak the Registry to make this work.

It is, however, recommended to back up your system before modifying the registry. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to back up your computer. With a backup in place, you can easily revert to the last working state if anything goes awry. But this is a pretty straightforward hack, so you shouldn’t run into trouble as long as you stick to the instructions.

  1. Type “Regedit” (without the quotes) in the search bar.
  2. Click or press enter to run the registry editor.
  3. From the left panel, in the Registry Editor, drill down to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > System.
  4. Right-click “System” and choose New > DWORD (32 bit).
  5. Create a new value and name it “Disable Registry Tools.”
  6. Double-click the value you just created. This should open its properties window.
  7. Change the “value data” to 1 from 0, click “OK,” and you’re done.

Once again, ensure you are signed in as the user you want to restrict registry access for. Then later, you change their account to a standard account.

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