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Download Minecraft 2023 Apk Free: use mob heads and a music block to scare off thieves or prank friends, as well as meet new creatures.


Minecraft 2023: New Mobs, Items, and Blocks

Time does not stand still and the latest versions of the game are already available to players, which will undoubtedly delight with new features and capabilities. In Minecraft 1.19.41, players will be able to use a unique material for construction – bamboo.


By the way, the developers suggest trying to create your choir or musical group, which will look very unusual. The fact is that in version MCPE 1.20.0, the so-called playable mob sounds appear.

Now you can put any of the six mobs presented on the music block (in Minecraft 2023, the head of the pig has been added to the existing ones), and it will reproduce the sound of this animal.


Among the already quite extensive list of available mobs, in Minecraft 1.20, unusual creatures have reappeared. Players can already get to know them and evaluate their functionality.

First of all, going to the nearest pond, the heroes will meet eggs, but they do not belong to turtles, but to other animals that are ancient relatives of these reptiles.



In Minecraft Bedrock 2023, Sniffer appeared, this is a harmless animal that is constantly in search of seeds that it feeds on. By the way, he often loses them and the player can use these resources to grow plants.

And you can add more realism and new shades to the surrounding space by downloading various Textures for Minecraft PE.



Another mob that also appeared in versions 1.19.41 and 1.20.0 is the camel. It is quite large and does not need to be tamed to ride. At the same time, the rider will be out of reach of dangerous mobs.

This animal also easily overcomes small reservoirs and jumps over various obstacles.



The home of player will also receive new convenient items for decorating and creating a cozy atmosphere in Minecraft 2023. As a pointer to the name or the name of the owner, the developers suggest using Hanging Signs.

These objects are similar to the signs that existed before Minecraft 1.19.41, with the difference that they can be attached to a wall, post, or tree. At the same time, they do not need to have support under them.

Chiseled Bookshelf


Another very interesting subject in version 1.20.0 is the Chiseled Bookshelf. In addition to decorative use, the object has now received a unique functionality. Place up to 6 books of any kind on it.

And to make your home even more cozy, download Textures, among them you can find many interesting and unusual solutions for the interior and exterior.

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