Fix Can’t Left Click Issue in League of Legends Fast!

To fix the “can’t left click in league of legends” issue, try changing your mouse settings or reinstalling the game. If you’re an avid gamer, you know how frustrating it can be when your league of legends game isn’t working correctly.

One common issue that players face is the inability to left-click. This problem can significantly affect your gameplay, and you may feel lost as to what to do. Fortunately, there are a few troubleshooting tips that you can try to fix this issue.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why the “can’t left-click in league of legends” issue may be occurring and provide you with some helpful solutions that can get you back on track.

Method 1: Restarting The Computer

Restarting the computer is a simple solution to fixing the “can’t left click” issue in league of legends. This is because a restart can help refresh the system and clear up any temporary glitches. To do this, first save any open files or unsaved work.

Then click on the start menu, select “restart”, and wait for the computer to shut down and restart itself. If your computer doesn’t respond, you can manually restart it by pressing and holding the power button until it shuts down, and then pressing it again to turn it back on.

Keep in mind that this method may not always work, but it’s a good first step to try and save yourself from a lengthy troubleshooting process.

Method 2: Checking Mouse Settings

The mouse settings on your computer can greatly affect the left-click issue in league of legends. Different settings can cause the mouse to function improperly or not respond at all, making it difficult to play the game. To check your mouse settings, go to the control panel and select “mouse” settings.

From there, you can adjust the sensitivity, speed, and button configurations to your preference. It’s important to find the right settings that work for you in order to get back in the competitive gaming action. By following these simple steps, you can fix the left-click problem and get back to enjoying the game.

Method 3: Updating Mouse Drivers

Mouse drivers are an essential part of any computer system and keeping them up-to-date is crucial. Outdated mouse drivers can cause several issues, including the inability to left-click in league of legends. This can be very frustrating for gamers and can severely impact their gaming experience.

Therefore, it is crucial to update your mouse drivers regularly. To update your mouse drivers, follow these simple steps: first, identify your mouse manufacturer and model. Second, download the latest driver package. Finally, run the setup file, and your mouse drivers will be updated.

It is crucial to update your mouse drivers regularly to ensure that your league of legends gaming experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Method 4: Reinstalling The Mouse Driver And League Of Legends

The infamous ‘can’t left click’ problem in league of legends can be caused by a corrupt mouse driver or a corrupted league of legends installation. To fix the issue, you will need to reinstall both. Firstly, to reinstall the mouse driver, go to the device manager and find the mouse section.

Right-click on the mouse option and select ‘uninstall device’. Once done, restart your computer and it should automatically reinstall the driver. For the league of legends installation, go to the control panel and select ‘programs and features’. Find ‘league of legends’, right-click and choose ‘uninstall’.

Once done, reinstall the game through the official website and launch it to see if the problem is resolved. With these steps, you should be able to get back to winning games with ease.

Method 5: Testing The Mouse On A Different Computer

Testing the mouse on a different computer can be beneficial in fixing the “can’t left click issue” in league of legends. It helps to determine if the problem lies within the mouse or computer system. To conduct this test, you can borrow a friend’s computer or use a spare one.

Connect the mouse to the new system and check if it functions properly. If it does, then the issue is within the previous computer’s system. If not, then it’s likely the mouse is malfunctioning. This simple test can save time and effort in identifying the root cause of the problem.

Remember to test the mouse on multiple computers to rule out any inconsistencies.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Fix Can’T Left Click In League Of Legends Issue

Why Can’T I Left-Click In League Of Legends?

This issue may be caused by an incorrect mouse setting or a technical glitch.

How Can I Fix The Left-Click Issue In League Of Legends?

Try resetting your mouse settings to default, updating drivers, or reinstalling the game.

Can I Still Move My Character With This Issue?

Yes, you can still move your character using the right-click option.

Will Repairing League Of Legends Fix The Left-Click Issue?

Repairing the game will not necessarily fix the issue but can help to detect and fix any corrupt files.

What If Reinstalling The Game Does Not Fix The Issue?

You can try clearing the game cache or seeking assistance from league of legends support team.


The inability to left click in league of legends can be quite frustrating, but fortunately, there are several solutions that can help you get back to gaming in no time. From adjusting your mouse settings to updating your drivers, there are many ways to fix this issue.

Even though some of these solutions may seem complicated, don’t be afraid to give them a try – they are often easier than they look. Additionally, make sure you keep your computer up to date with the latest patches and drivers, as this can often prevent problems like the left-click issue from happening in the first place.

Overall, with a little bit of effort and patience, you can enjoy playing league of legends without any mouse-related issues.

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