Fix Currently Unable to Send Your Message Error on Windows 10.

To fix “currently unable to send your message” on windows 10, try disabling your antivirus temporarily. This error is often caused by a conflicting antivirus software.

If you’re experiencing issues with sending messages on your windows 10, you may encounter the error message “currently unable to send your message. ” This issue is typically caused by a conflicting antivirus software. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix – simply disable your antivirus temporarily and check if the problem persists.

This guide will provide you with the steps you need to take to resolve this error and start sending messages again without any issues.

Understanding The Currently Unable To Send Your Message Error

Currently unable to send your message error on windows 10 is a common error experienced by many users. It mainly happens when you try to send an email, but it fails to send. There are a few scenarios that can cause this error.

The first one is when your internet connection is slow or unstable. Another cause can be that your outlook software is out of date, or your mail server is experiencing some technical issues. This error can impact your system and email in several ways.

For instance, you cannot send emails or receive messages. To fix the currently unable to send your message error on windows 10, you need to update your outlook software, check your internet connection, and ensure your mail server is not down.

Troubleshooting The Currently Unable To Send Your Message Error

The “currently unable to send your message” error can be frustrating, but don’t worry, it’s fixable. Start by checking your network connection to ensure that you’re connected and have a stable internet connection. Verify that your email settings are correct and that you’ve set up your windows 10 email account properly.

Enabling smtp authentication can also help. It’s important to distinguish between server errors and protocol errors to determine the root of the issue. These steps should fix the currently unable to send your message error and allow you to send emails without further issues.

Updating Or Re-Installing Your Email Client

To fix the “currently unable to send your message error” on windows 10, try updating or re-installing your email client. First, check for updates to your email client, as an outdated version may be the cause of the error. If that doesn’t work, consider reinstalling your email client entirely.

Before doing so, make sure to backup and restore your email data and settings to avoid losing any important information. By following these steps, you can easily solve this email error on windows 10.

Clearing Registry Errors And Junk Files

Clearing registry errors and junk files is a crucial step towards fixing the “currently unable to send your message” error on windows 10. To locate and remove registry errors, access the windows registry editor by searching for “regedit” in the start menu, and then follow instructions to fix the errors.

Disk cleanups are another way to eliminate junk files that may also be causing the error. Backing up important data files prior to cleaning up also ensures the safety of essential information and avoids any potential loss. Ensure your computer’s security by regularly performing these tasks.

Getting Professional Help For Your Currently Unable To Send Your Message Error

If you’re facing the “currently unable to send your message” error on windows 10, seeking professional help could be your best bet. Contacting your email client’s customer support or your system’s tech support team can provide good initial guidance. You could also surf the web to locate it services and support that cater to your specific needs.

While free services are tempting, you need to keep in mind that they may not offer the desired expertise and support. On the other hand, paid services warrant quality and customized solutions to your problem. So, it is crucial to assess your priorities and choose a service that best fits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions On Fix Currently Unable To Send Your Message On Windows 10

What Causes “Currently Unable To Send Your Message” Error Message On Windows 10?

The most common reasons include a slow network connection, outdated operating system, incorrect email settings, corrupted windows registry, or a third-party antivirus software interfering with your mail client.

How Can I Fix The “Currently Unable To Send Your Message” Error Message On Windows 10?

You can fix this error by checking your internet connection, updating your operating system and email client, verifying your email account settings, disabling any conflicting antivirus software, or resetting your email client configuration.

Why Is My Outlook App Showing “Currently Unable To Send Your Message” On Windows 10?

This error could be caused by various reasons, such as incorrect login credentials, network problems, expired ssl certificates, incorrect email settings, or corrupted outlook files. Try checking your email settings, updating outlook, or disabling any conflicting software.

Can Anti-Virus Software Cause The “Currently Unable To Send Your Message” Error On Windows 10?

Yes, third-party antivirus software can sometimes interfere with your mail client and cause sending errors. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus software or adding an exception for your mail app.

How Do I Know If My Email Settings Are Incorrect And Causing The “Currently Unable To Send Your Message” Error On Windows 10?

Check that your smtp server settings are correct. Ensure the port number and ssl authentication are properly configured. Double-check the username and password you’re using, and confirm that your internet connection is stable. You may also need to check with your email provider.

What Should I Do If I Am Still Getting The “Currently Unable To Send Your Message” Error On Windows 10 After Trying All The Above Solutions?

If you have tried all the above solutions and you’re still getting the error message, try to uninstall and reinstall your email client. You can also reach out to your email provider for further assistance.


After following the above-mentioned solutions, you should be able to resolve the “currently unable to send your message” error on windows 10. It can be frustrating when you are trying to communicate, and the error message pops up. However, with these simple steps, you can tackle the issue without needing to contact support.

Remember, this problem can occur due to various reasons. If one solution doesn’t work, keep trying the others until you find the correct fix. While fixing the ‘currently unable to send your message’ error, it’s also important to keep your windows 10 operating system up-to-date.

Regular updates can improve the performance of your system, address existing problems, and protect against potential security issues. By following all the tips provided in this blog post, you can rest assured that you are taking the necessary steps to keep your windows 10 system functioning correctly.

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