Fix Inputmapper: Exclusive DS4 Access Made Easier.

To fix inputmapper’s “could not open ds4 exclusively” error, close any other programs using the dualshock 4 controller. Inputmapper is a popular tool that connects and configures dualshock 4 controllers with windows pcs.

However, sometimes users may encounter an error message that reads “could not open ds4 exclusively. ” This error usually occurs when another program is using the controller, and the inputmapper tool cannot access it. The simple fix for this error is to close all other programs using the controller, such as games or other applications, and then launch inputmapper again.

If the error persists, double-check that the controller is connected correctly and update all relevant drivers. By following these steps, users can successfully use inputmapper without any “could not open ds4 exclusively” issues.

Overview Of Inputmapper

Inputmapper is a popular software tool that enables gamers to connect their dualshock 4 controllers to their pcs. It is an essential application for gamers who prefer using playstation controllers to play their games on a windows computer. By installing inputmapper, you can easily use your ds4 controller on your pc without any issues.

The software also provides exclusive access to the ds4 controller, which allows you to use all the features of your gamepad. This blog post will cover an overview of inputmapper, including an introduction to the software and its key features.

With inputmapper, you can enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience and achieve precision and accuracy while playing your favorite games.

Problems And Issues With Inputmapper

Inputmapper is an exceptional program for gamers who want to use their dualshock 4 controller with their windows device. However, like most programs, issues can arise while using inputmapper. Some of the common issues users face with inputmapper include connection errors, no exclusive access to the controller, or lacking accessible buttons.

These issues can happen due to driver problems, incorrect settings, or an outdated version. Additionally, several other factors can result in inputmapper not working correctly, such as compatibility issues with windows 10. Rest assured, with the right troubleshooting steps, you can fix inputmapper and obtain exclusive access to your controller without hassle.

Fix For Inputmapper Issues

Inputmapper is an excellent tool for gamers, but it can be frustrating when it doesn’t work correctly. Fortunately, fixing inputmapper problems doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the first things to do is to uninstall and reinstall inputmapper or ensure that you have the latest version.

Make sure that your dualshock 4 controller is properly connected to your pc before you proceed. You can also try running inputmapper as an administrator, and checking your computer’s device manager to ensure that the controller is recognized and functioning properly.

Lastly, ensure that the controller is set as a default controller in your system settings and try using different usb ports if nothing else works. By following these troubleshooting steps, you can resolve common inputmapper issues and get back to gaming like a pro!

Configuring Inputmapper With Ds4

Configuring inputmapper with ds4 allows users to improve the performance of their ds4 controllers. The first step is to download and install inputmapper. Once installed, connect your ds4 controller to your computer via usb cable or bluetooth. Then, open inputmapper and click on the “connect ds4 exclusively” button.

This step will give inputmapper exclusive access to the ds4 controllers. You can configure the controller settings from here and even map buttons to keyboard or mouse actions. Inputmapper also allows you to use the ds4’s touchpad as a mouse.

With these steps, you can easily achieve seamless integration of the ds4 controller with inputmapper enhancing your gaming experience.

Alternatives To Inputmapper

Inputmapper has been a popular software for exclusive access to dualshock 4 controller on windows platform. However, there are alternative software options available that solve the same problem with added benefits. Among these, ds4windows and scptoolkit are quite similar to inputmapper with easier setups.

Then there’s the x360ce software, which allows mapping of any controller to an xbox 360 controller layout. Additionally, joytokey adds support for any gamepad to work as a keyboard and mouse. Comparing inputmapper with these alternatives, ds4windows and scptoolkit stand out due to their seamless setup process, active community, and quick updates.

Moreover, these alternatives are free and open-source, providing a strong argument for switching over.

Frequently Asked Questions On Fix Inputmapper Could Not Open Ds4 Exclusively

What Does “Inputmapper Could Not Open Ds4 Exclusively” Mean?

This error message appears when the inputmapper software could not access the dualshock 4 controller exclusively. It is usually followed by a notification that another program is already using the controller.

Why Is Inputmapper Not Opening My Ds4 Controller?

Inputmapper might not be able to open your ds4 controller due to the software not being installed correctly, outdated drivers, conflicting software, or other issues with your system or hardware.

How Do I Fix The Inputmapper Error “Could Not Open Ds4 Exclusively”?

You can fix the inputmapper error, “could not open ds4 exclusively,” by closing any programs that might be using the controller or disabling conflicting software, updating drivers, reinstalling inputmapper or restarting the computer.

What Are The Common Causes Of Inputmapper Errors?

Inputmapper errors are typically caused by conflicting software, outdated drivers or issues with the controller hardware, such as connectivity problems, dead battery, or damage to the controller cable.

Can Inputmapper Work With Ps5 Controllers?

Inputmapper cannot work with ps5 controllers. However, the dualsense controller is compatible with a variety of other software, including steam, epic games store, and gog galaxy 2. 0.


To sum it up, the inputmapper could not open ds4 exclusively issue is a typical problem that many gamers face. The reasons for this error may vary, but the good news is that there are several methods to fix it.

Whether updating or reinstalling drivers, disabling conflicting software, or running the inputmapper in administrator mode, any of these solutions can help you get back to gaming smoothly. It is essential to keep in mind that this error can persist if not addressed on time, leading to frustration and even abandoning gaming altogether.

Therefore, gamers must be vigilant and know how to tackle these problems. With the right approach and the right solution, gamers can continue to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences. Always remember that patience is key, and it is always worth it to put in effort to fix issues that may arise.