Fix Origin Stuck: Resuming Download Windows 10 [GUIDE]

To fix origin stuck on resuming download in windows 10, try clearing the cache and deleting temporary files. First, close origin and open file explorer.

Then, navigate to c:\programdata\origin. Delete all the folders and files except for the localcontent folder. Finally, open origin and resume your download. If you’re an avid gamer, you’re probably familiar with the gaming platform origin, which is developed by electronic arts.

It allows users to purchase, download, and play games. However, some users have reported issues with origin getting stuck on resuming downloads in windows 10. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of downloading a game. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix this problem step-by-step, so you can get back to gaming as soon as possible.

Check Your Internet Connection

To fix origin stuck, a stable internet connection is vital. Therefore, before downloading anything, check your internet connection for stability. Unstable internet connection can cause downloading troubles. To avoid such problems, ensure that your wifi or ethernet is stable. Troubleshoot your modem and router and look for any problem.

If there is no problem with your modem and router, restart them. You can try resetting your modem and router to restore connection. If the problem still persists, contact your service provider. By following these steps, you can avoid origin stuck and enjoy seamless downloading.

Pause And Resume The Download

Pausing and resuming downloads is a common action when dealing with large files. It works by stopping the download at a certain point and then resuming it from where it left off. In windows 10, this functionality is available for downloads from the origin store.

If you experience problems with the download getting stuck, pausing and resuming it could help fix the issue. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Additionally, we’ve included some troubleshooting tips for when pausing and resuming the download isn’t working.

Follow these steps to fix the origin stuck download issue on windows 10, so you can get back to enjoying your favorite games.

Clear Origin Cache

Origin cache is a temporary storage place for origin data on windows 10. Clearing the cache can help solve issues like origin getting stuck and resuming downloads. By clearing the cache, the data is refreshed, and the software goes back to its default settings.

Clearing cache, therefore, can improve system performance. To clear origin cache, close the origin program, open the run dialog box, type %programdata%, delete the origin folder and clear the recycle bin. Restart the system and reopen origin. If the issue persists, try disabling antivirus, repairing or reinstalling origin, or resetting the hosts file.

Trying these troubleshooting tips can help solve origin stuck and download issues.

Repair The Game

Repairing the game refers to a troubleshooting step that’s often done when the origin is stuck and the download won’t resume. When you repair the game, you’re fixing any issues with the game and its files. To repair the game, you need to open the origin client and then click on the game that you want to repair.

After that, you need to click on the gear icon and select “repair”. If repairing the game does not solve the issue, you can try logging out of origin, restarting your computer, and then logging back in. You can also try clearing your cache and checking your internet connection.

By following these steps, you should be able to repair your game and resume the download.

Update Origin

Keeping your origin updated is crucial to ensure that it functions properly. Updating origin ensures that it runs smoothly and reduces the risk of issues such as slower loading times or sudden crashes. To update origin, simply open the client and click on “application settings” on the top menu bar.

From there, click on “update” and let the client automatically download the latest version available. If updating origin doesn’t work, try clearing your cache or reinstalling origin. If these options don’t work, visit the origin community forums or contact their support team for further help.

Keep your origin up-to-date to avoid issues and ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Fix Origin Stuck On Resuming Download In Windows 10

What Is Causing Origin To Be Stuck On “Resuming Download” In Windows 10?

Origin can be stuck on “resuming download” due to various reasons such as server outage, unstable internet connection, or software conflicts on your computer.

How To Fix Origin Stuck On “Resuming Download” In Windows 10?

To fix the origin stuck on “resuming download,” you need to clear the cache, disable the antivirus, restart the origin client, and disable the firewall.

How Do I Clear The Cache In Origin To Fix “Resuming Download” Error In Windows 10?

You can clear the cache in origin by going to the application settings, clicking on “advanced” and selecting “clear cache data” option.

How Do I Disable The Antivirus And Firewall To Fix “Resuming Download” Error In Windows 10?

You can disable the antivirus by right-clicking the antivirus icon in the system tray and selecting disable option temporarily. To disable the firewall, you need to open the control panel and click on “windows defender firewall” followed by “turn off windows defender firewall” option.

How Do I Restart The Origin Client To Fix “Resuming Download” Error In Windows 10?

To restart the origin client, you need to close the application and remove it from the task manager, then open it again, and try to resume the download.

Can A Vpn Cause Origin To Be Stuck On “Resuming Download” In Windows 10?

Yes, a vpn can cause origin to be stuck on “resuming download” if the connection is unstable or there are issues with the vpn’s server. Disconnecting the vpn can fix the issue.


To wrap it up, dealing with origin stuck on resuming download issue in windows 10 can be quite frustrating. However, there are several troubleshooting methods that you can try to resolve this error, such as clearing the cache, checking internet connectivity, and repairing the origin client.

Also, you need to ensure that the windows updates and the origin client are up to date. Additionally, disable your antivirus and firewall temporarily to avoid interfering with the origin client’s function. In case none of these solutions work, consider reinstalling the origin client as the last option.

With these methods, you should be able to fix the origin stuck on resuming download issue in windows 10 without much stress. Ensure that you follow the steps carefully and monitor the issue to avoid its recurrence.