Fix Twitch Not Going Fullscreen In Windows 10

To fix Twitch not going fullscreen in Windows 10, update your browser and graphics card drivers. If you are unable to watch Twitch videos in fullscreen mode on Windows 10, it can be frustrating.

However, the solution to this issue is often straightforward. Most of the time, outdated drivers or an obsolete browser are the causes. In this article, we will provide you with a few easy steps to help you resolve this problem without difficulty.

By the time you are done following these instructions, twitch should start working perfectly in fullscreen mode on your Windows 10 computer. Let’s dive into the details below.

Adjusting Browser Settings

To fix Twitch not going fullscreen on Windows 10, adjust the browser settings in Google Chrome. Firstly, enable the fullscreen mode by clicking on the f11 key or pressing the three dots menu button and selecting the fullscreen option.

If the resolution isn’t correct in fullscreen mode, change it by right-clicking on the desktop and opening display settings.

Clearing browser cache and cookies may also solve the issue. Go to Chrome settings, click on privacy and security, then clear browsing data.

Select cookies and other site data, and cached images and files, then click on clear data. By making these simple changes, twitch should now go fullscreen on Google Chrome without any issues.

Upgrading Graphics Drivers

Graphics drivers play a crucial role in Twitch’s fullscreen mode. Outdated or faulty graphics drivers may cause the Twitch app to not go fullscreen on Windows 10. To check if your graphics driver is up-to-date, go to the device manager and check for updates.

Updating your graphics drivers can easily fix the Twitch not going fullscreen issue. You can do this manually or by using third-party software.

Always make sure to keep the graphics drivers up-to-date to prevent any issues while using Twitch. By updating graphics drivers, you can ensure a better streaming experience while using Twitch on Windows 10.

Disabling Browser Extensions And Add-Ons

In some cases, browser extensions conflict with Twitch’s fullscreen mode. To fix this, disable any potentially problematic add-ons.

Be cautious of ones that allow pop-ups or manipulate the webpage. Some extensions that may cause issues include Adblock, NoScript, and Ublock origin.

Disabling them temporarily or permanently may resolve your problem.

Using Alternative Browsers

Using alternative browsers might help resolve the Twitch not going fullscreen issue on Windows 10. Some popular alternative browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Each browser has its own unique features and advantages for Twitch streaming, such as Chrome’s speed and Firefox’s customization options.

It’s important to keep in mind that different browsers may also have different compatibility issues with Twitch, so it’s best to do some research and testing to find the best fit for your setup. Overall, using different browsers can be an effective solution for fixing Twitch’s fullscreen problem.

System Update

Updating your Windows 10 could help you resolve the issue of Twitch not going fullscreen. The latest updates for Windows 10 can fix this problem easily. To update Windows 10, go to the start menu, then settings, and choose the option “update and security”.

Click on “check for updates”, and any available update will start downloading automatically. It is necessary to have the latest Windows 10 version to use the full-screen mode on Twitch. With the updated system, you can enjoy a better Twitch streaming experience.

Keep an eye on the latest Windows 10 updates to keep your system up-to-date. Updating your Windows 10 is a quick and simple solution that can fix the Twitch fullscreen mode problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Twitch Not To Go Fullscreen In Windows 10?

If you’re experiencing difficulty viewing Twitch streams in full-screen mode, the issue could be caused by faulty video drivers, browser extensions, or hardware acceleration.

How Can I Fix Twitch Not Going Fullscreen In Windows 10?

To troubleshoot the issue, try disabling the hardware acceleration feature in your browser settings, updating your video drivers, clearing the browser cache and cookies, and disabling browser extensions.

How Do I Disable Hardware Acceleration In Windows 10?

To disable hardware acceleration in your browser, open the browser settings, search for “hardware acceleration’ and turn off the toggle switch.

What Browser Extensions Could Be Causing Twitch Not To Go Fullscreen?

Browser extensions that can interfere with Twitch fullscreen mode include ad-blockers, pop-up blockers, auto-clickers, and better Twitch TV. Try disabling them to fix the issue.

Do I Need To Update My Video Drivers To Fix The Issue?

Outdated video drivers can cause Twitch fullscreen issues. It’s always recommended to update your video drivers to the latest version to ensure they are functioning properly.


The Twitch not going fullscreen issue can be a source of frustration for Windows 10 users.

However, there are several ways to fix it, which we have discussed in this post. From updating your graphics driver, and clearing your cache and cookies, to disabling hardware acceleration, these solutions have proven effective.

You can also try using Twitch in a different browser or resetting your browser settings to default. As you can see, there are several options available to solve this problem, and it’s just a matter of finding the one that works best for you.

By implementing these fixes, you can enjoy your Twitch streams in fullscreen mode without any hassle. Don’t let technical issues interfere with your online experience – take action and get back to streaming!

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