Fix Vlc Hotkeys And Shortcuts Not Working In Windows 10

To fix VLC hotkeys and shortcuts not working in Windows 10, update the software and check the settings. Vlc is a media player that supports various codecs and file types.

However, users may encounter issues with its hotkeys and shortcuts not working.

If you’re facing a similar problem, don’t worry, as this article explains how to fix this issue in a few straightforward steps.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to update the VLC media player and check the settings to resolve the problem of hotkeys and shortcuts not working.

Follow these instructions to make your VLC media player function smoothly again.

Common Issues With VLC Hotkeys On Windows 10

Are vlc hotkeys not working on Windows 10? Don’t stress! There are various probable reasons why your hotkeys may not work on vlc player.

One such reason may be system updates, causing software conflicts. The issue could also arise due to other software conflicts on your computer or a corrupted installation of VLC itself.

To fix the issue, try reinstalling the player and ensuring that it’s up to date. Alternatively, you could try resetting VLC’s preferences to fix the hotkey issue on your system.

Simply navigate to preferences and click the “reset all” button and you should be good to go.

Remember, by keeping your software up to date, you minimize the chances of encountering these kinds of issues.

Quick Fixes For VLC Hotkey Problems On Windows 10

Having trouble with vlc hotkeys on your Windows 10 computer? Here are some quick solutions. First, launch vlc in administrator mode and see if that helps.

If not, try updating to the latest version or reinstalling the software. Other software can also cause conflicts with VLC hotkeys, so be sure to check for any conflicts and resolve them.

Don’t let non-functioning hotkeys hinder your VLC experience – follow these step-by-step guides for quick and easy solutions.

Troubleshooting VLC Hotkey Problems On Windows 10

Vlc hotkey problems can be frustrating for Windows 10 users. While quick fixes exist, more complex issues require advanced troubleshooting.

Hotkeys may still not work even after simple solutions have been tried. To reset vlc preferences, more advanced solutions are necessary.

Additionally, hotkeys can conflict with other applications on Windows 10, requiring further troubleshooting steps. By following these steps, persistent hotkey problems can be resolved and vlc can be used smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Aren’t My VLC Hotkeys And Shortcuts Working On Windows 10?

This is a common issue caused by malfunctions in the VLC media player. It can also occur due to out-of-date drivers or security software.

How Can I Fix VLC Hotkeys And Shortcuts Not Working?

First, try resetting vlc preferences and reinstalling the player. If the issue persists, update your drivers and disable your antivirus software temporarily.

Can Third-Party Apps Cause VLC Hotkeys To Stop Working?

Yes, they can. Third-party apps that use keyboard shortcuts can conflict with vlc’s hotkeys. Try closing any running apps and see if the problem resolves.

What If VLC shortcuts Are Still Not Working After Trying All The Fixes?

If the issue persists, try increasing the VLC cache size to reduce buffering or changing video output settings. You can also try using a different media player.


VLC media player is a great tool for playing different multimedia formats on Windows 10. However, if you encounter hotkeys and shortcuts not working, it can be frustrating.

By using the solutions provided in this blog post, you can easily fix the issue and get back to enjoying your favorite videos without any interruptions.

Remember to check for updates, reset preferences, and configure global hotkeys to ensure your VLC player works smoothly.

Additionally, if you have any other questions or concerns, you can always refer to the VLC community forums or contact their support team for further assistance.

With these simple fixes, you can optimize your VLC media player and experience enjoyable multimedia playback.

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