Future of Online Gambling with New Technology

In the last few decades, we have seen tremendous growth in technological development. We have seen from black and white TVs to the latest 3D and 4K TVs, radios, landline phones to the latest smartphone.

The world of technology is changing so quickly that a concept introduced recently would become obsolete in the next few years. One of the revolutionary advancements in the internet and this tech has changed the whole world.

Most of the businesses are going online and getting new changes. Since the introduction of online gambling in the mid-90s, this industry has seen some remarkable growth with the change in technology.

Gambling on a smartphone is believed to be one of the best things that have happened to the industry. It has attracted numerous gamblers all across the world.




People can play their favorite casino games, bet on their favorite sports, get UFC odds, get football betting tips, and there are lots of things that can be done with your fingertips on online gambling platforms.

But with the new technologies in the new decade, we may see some more advanced technology that has already been introduced to online gambling in the initial stage. Here are the things we think will be particularly important in the 2020s.

Virtual reality:

VR or virtual reality is the next big thing for the entertainment industry. Movies and some video games can be enjoyed on VR headsets but now casino games developers are developing VR games that would render the real gambling experience and enhance the gameplay.

Video games like Pokémon Go have shown us that augmented reality can be a commercial success, which is why casino developers are so focused on bringing us a new generation of entertainment with this technology.


Technology worn on the body, such as smartwatches and smart glasses, will continue to grow in the 2020s. Apple is already working on developing its smart glasses.

Microgaming has shown a concept of slots on smartwatches a few years back. So, can you expect to be able to play casino games on your watch soon?

This is already possible, but we believe that the games will be even more interesting and complex.

When it comes to the glasses, many experts believe that the next generation of eyewear technology will have a massive impact and may even replace smartphones.

Tailored Gaming:

What could be more fun than games of your choice right? The idea is that each player’s experience can be customized, which means that you can change different aspects of the online casino game to suit your own preferences.

Technologies like artificial intelligence can learn the preferences of players and give suggestions for games.

Live Dealer Casino:

Live dealer casino games have been released online in large numbers and have become very popular globally.

However, casino operators are just beginning to see the possibilities of this format. Of course, games like roulette, blackjack, and poker can be played online with real dealers these days. But we are already seeing new gaming concepts that are played in live dealer format.

Since the technology for streaming has been perfected, there are no restrictions on the type of games that developers can create.

More Licensing:

Even though it has nothing to do with technology, licensed casino games have become hugely popular in recent years.

Elements of pop culture – like the world of DC Comics Superheroes, Game of Thrones, and Family Guy – were all used to develop official licensed online slot machines.

We expect this to increase in the coming years, which will lead to greater commercial opportunities for casinos.


This is not a new thing as at the end of 2010s, several online casinos and sports betting sites have already incorporated this payment method.

Bit still not more than 20% online players are using it. It uses blockchain technology to ensure the security of the transaction so we believe in the new decade more players will prefer this digital payment as a primary option since it is fast and charges low transaction & conversion fee.

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