How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode?

How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode – Ninja Technique For Beginners

Recovery mode is a popular term among iPhone users. In fact, this is a tool that iPhone users apply to troubleshoot problems.

Mostly, iPhone users need this tool when the iPhone is frozen. Or if there are any other software issues. Moreover, if you want to restore or update the phone, you need the mode.

But do you know How to Get the iPhone Out of Recovery Mode?

Well. In most cases, the answer is negative. The iPhone users do not want to get into trouble. Instead, they visit the Apple support centers. But there are some people who love to solve the issues by themselves.

In this post, you will get the idea. Let’s check them here.

What is iPhone recovery mode?

Generally, iPhone recovery mode is a process to revive the phone. When the phone is stuck into a frozen screen or you need to update the version through iTunes, you need this mode.

Also, some use the mode to jailbreak the iPhone.

Basically, troubleshooting like damage recovery, downloading software, etc. are the key tasks. When the operating system is corrupted, the recovery mode helps to get back in the former state.

How to get into recovery mode? 

It’s easier. You have to follow the steps. Firstly, hold the turn-off button for five seconds. Then swipe the slider to turn it off.

Next, connect your device to a computer using the USB cable provided with the device. Now, you have to launch iTunes. After launching iTunes, press and hold the home button. When the screen shows Connect to iTunes, release the home button.

If you can do the procedures correctly, your iPhone will be in recovery mode.

How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode?

Now, it’s time to get out of the recovery mode.

If the iPhone is restored properly, it will exit the recovery mode. Automatically. But if there are any other issues, it will not. Moreover, if you enter into the recovery mode mistakenly, you need to get out of there manually.

Therefore, let’s check the steps here.

Step 1

Unplug the iPhone

As the first step, you have to unplug the iPhone. Remove the USB cable from the device. Then, you have to press the side button (sleep/ wake). The button depends on your phone model.

Step 2

Wait until the phone turns off, and release the button. Also, you may have to press the volume down button. Release the buttons once the Apple logo shows on the screen. Your phone will get out of the recovery mode and restart.

Benefits of Using iPhone Recovery Mode

The first benefit is that you will able to restore your iPhone if the software is damaged. Usually, a software-damaged iPhone causes trouble. You cannot operate the phone. It may restart frequently or the apps may crash. But the recovery mode revives everything.,

Secondly, you can get back your former data like emails, messages, or music. Thus, it has become a convenient feature for the iPhones. And people prefer it to troubleshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use recovery mode to restore my iPhone?

Of course, you can restore your iPhone through the recovery mode. In fact, this is the process to restore the phone in its former state. When you forget your passcode and need a restore, this is the best alternative.

Is there any negative aspect of recovery mode?

Well. There are some drawbacks of using recovery modes. You may lose your date. Not to panic. If the date is not synchronized with iTunes, you may lose them. But if you sync them with the iTunes, you can restore everything.

This is a solution but risky at times. Therefore, if you want a simple solution, experts recommend to get some backups of your data.

How can I back up my iPhone data?

Data backup is a concern for beginners with iPhones. When you are in a state of losing data, it is imperative to get a backup. You can use iCloud for the backup. Apple provides this default system to the iPhone users. For that, you have to open an Apple ID and login there. The iCloud system will offer a certain amount of space for free. And you can keep the data backup there.

How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode?

The process is simple and takes less time. Go through the post carefully. There, you will get a comprehensive idea about the process. Follow them, and enjoy using your iPhone.

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