How Can I Download Android Emulator on iOS?

The time has changed. Now, this is possible to use apps on cross platforms.

You can easily use the iOS apps on your Android phone. Similarly, you can use the Android apps on your iPhone. Those who want to taste the flavor of iOS and Android can easily avail of it.

Getting confused?

Well. This is a bit confusing, indeed. But the reality is different. With the advancement of technology, smartphone users can experience both platforms. For that, you need not change your device.

In this post, you will get some brief ideas for using iOS on your Android. Let’s walk to explore the facts.

What is an Android emulator?

This is not a physical device. An Android emulator is software. You have to install it on your iPhone. Consequently, you can run the Android apps on your iPhone without changing the device.

And, don’t worry. This is free software.

The emulator

There are several Android emulators available. But the technology experts recommend the iAndroid as the best one. It has several features including ease of use, easy installation, and more.


Though this is lightweight software, you need to meet certain criteria. In fact, your device should have specific features. Not all iOS devices are compatible with iAndroid. Therefore, you need to have a compatible device.

Also, your device should be non-jailbroken. Further, you will need a Cydia installer. Without Cydia, you cannot have this app. The iAndroid is not available on the App Store. Besides, there should be ample space on your phone to install the app.

Experts recommend having at least 200 megabytes of free space to run it. Moreover, there should be an active internet connection. Otherwise, you cannot download, install and enjoy the app features.

The process

To enjoy the Android emulator, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1

As the first step, you need to download Cydia. Browse the internet to get some guidelines for the installation. I am not mentioning it here as it will increase the length of the post.

After getting the guideline, follow it strictly and install Cydia.

Step 2

Now, launch the Cydia on your phone. After opening the app, go to the “Manage” option. The option is located at the bottom of the screen. There, you will get three more options naming – Packages, Sources, and Storage.

Tap on the Sources option. Check if you have the Modmyi option. If the option is not available, you have to add it. Then type – – on the address bar.

Now, open Cydia again and tap on the Modmyi. Browse the option and there you will get iAndroid.

Step 3

You are almost done with the setup process. Now, click on the install option. It will install iAndroid on your phone.

However, you may need to wait for a few moments for the installation. Once the installation is complete, you can run Android apps on your iPhone.

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