How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

There is no better feeling than looking at your website and seeing that you have an increased number of visitors. Maybe you have 100 more visitors than when you last checked. Maybe it is just 2 or 3. Whatever the situation is, it feels good because it is a sign of growth for both you and your company.

However, there is much more to an e-commerce site than just attracting traffic. Sure, attracting this traffic is the first part, but you need sales! You need to convert this traffic into sales, otherwise, you are simply wasting your efforts.

How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate


Images Can Boost


While there are a number of viable ways that you can go about doing just this, images could be one of the most effective and efficient. How?

Appealing To Emotions

You’ve likely heard the phrase – a picture is worth a thousand words. This state is true. You know exactly what that means if you’ve ever looked at an image and been captivated. Maybe it was an image of a little dog. Maybe it was an image of a slave being beaten.

Perhaps, it was an image of an impoverished kid with his or her ribs sunken in. Whatever the situation was or is, there are images out there that will immediately appeal to people. These images will want to make people take action right away. Choose the right images and pair them with the right products, and you’ll have people purchasing in no time at all.

Larger Images Draw Attention

If you are familiar with products like the 360 product spin, you already know that bright, big, and bold things can draw attention. That’s exactly what larger images can do as well. If people land on a site, their eyes are immediately going to travel to the biggest and brightest thing on that site.

This has been scientifically proven. One company blew up its catalog by 28 percent and the results were that 63 percent more of the visiting customers clicking to bid or purchase products.

Don’t even worry about pushing the content below the fold because research also shows that customers are more interested in the picture than what your content has to say. There goes the theory of content is king, although you never want to slack in that aspect either.

Being Relevant

People are likely on your site for a reason. Maybe it is because you are selling shoes. Maybe it is because you are offering something to make one’s life easier. Whatever the situation might be, there is a relevant reason for someone being on your site.

This means that there also needs to be a relevant image attached to the products you are selling. This was also tested on a life marketing conference site. Two images were placed on one of the landing pages that lead to an online conference.

One picture contained a live audience, whereas the other did not. Which do you think got the most clicks? It was the picture with the live audience. The presence of the buzzingvenue more closely relates to a conference.

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