How Long Does A Graphics Card Last?

Know about “how long does a graphics card last.” A masterpiece used to enhance the picture of high quality and color on the display screen to explore graphics.

How Long Does A Graphics Card Last

A graphics card is just like a video adapter or display adapter. It is usually sited in electronic devices as a computer to enhance graphical display data and whole appearance.

Graphics card provides a super-quality visual look having advanced graphical methodologies, specifications, and features depend on how long does a graphics card lasts.

How Long Does A Graphics Card Last?

how long does the graphics card last depends on usage and heat? It usually lasts for 3 years or maybe more.

The common thing responsible for ceasing the life of graphics cards is GPU overheating. owing to every 10-degree Celsius rise in temperature halves the chip life expectancy.

graphics card lifespan:

Take care of GPU components as long as you need to use it. you do different long gaming sessions by playing games If you overlock your GPU to maximize performance.

It will put your card at risk of failure. but if you do not overlock the card, you can expect its lifetime of up to 10 years.

Best graphics card list:

1-NVIDIA RTX 2060 super


3-AMD RX 5700



Repairing the graphics card:

Sometimes suddenly fault occurs, your computer screen displays no graphics. Now what to do in this situation. A very easy attempt to guide you to save your money.

Repair your card with a good attempt in an airy and ventilated fix this you need to follow 5 steps:

Step No 1 Disassembly:

Simply remove the heat sink from the card and open screws. seldom joints may get broken due to overheating mainly occur by poor or dry thermal paste or maybe both. The faulty jolt appears in a grey slap in the card middle.

Step No 2 Cleaning:

just remove the old or dry thermal paste with alcohol use. handle the chip with cotton or toilet tissue paper. Avoid the delicate surface of a chip from scratches.

Step No 3 Heating:

A question arises about how much time is required to heat chips so they would not burn. place a chip in an oven for up to 200-degree celsius for 10 minutes.

Another alternative is to use the heat gun. Move and rotate the gun over the whole chip in slow motion from a distance of 10 cm from the card. Do not heat from one point.

when solder in card melts, the smell seems to feel like melted glue and metal. In the heating process keep the nose on this smell and look somewheres liquid solder.

That point is precious when enough heat will fix the chip. continuous heating at this point will burn the chip.

Allow the chip to cool for while do not touch it because the solder does not work when it is liquid. at this point you need patience.

Step No 4 New Thermal paste and Assembly:

Now apply the new thermal paste. use paste which is cheap in rate and easy to apply and would not dry out easily.

Apply a thin film of paste on-chip. place a small ball having 3-5 nm diameter in the chip center and press down heat sink into it. The paste will make a huge circle between the chip and the heat sink will spread evenly.

Video card going bad:

In some cases, the video card shows the failure signs and the display system stops working. here are some early warnings that the video card is going bad.


In bad situations, the screen becomes freeze. It may be malware and RAM problems.

2-Screen glitches:

.When sometimes you play a game or watch movies the weird colors start showing on the screen. The graphics card starts to die. but after that restarting your computer this problem can come back.

3-Blue screens:

Due to the windows computer, it shows a blue screen. but when a system crashes when you do some graphic-intensive tasks. This is an indication that your graphic card is out of the way.

Graphics card Q/A:

Why do GPU’S have so many cores?

Today’s GPU has four to eight cores. Many graphics cards there are more than 50,000 cores. GPU’s purpose is to render polygons into beautiful scenes we see in 3-D animated environments and translate all stuff into the image 60 times more than a second. GPU has compartmental polygon processors, it can spit the workload among its core to render a graphical environment within a few milliseconds.

Does more RAM make a video card better?

Video cards with 1024 MB of RAM and 192-bit wide bus perform much better as compared to a video card with 2048 MB of RAM and the same bus.

No more RAM is not necessarily better if the video card does not has a wide bus.

In the modern era where the graphics card last is most important in the industry. If you are a gamer then you want graphics card hunting more.

Be careful about lifespan and checks how long does a  graphics card lasts which you are using for graphical display.

All graphics are capable of blistering better performance and we are confident that everyone will serve them well during usage.

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