How Many Gmail Accounts Can I Have

Need a couple of email addresses but want to know “How Many Gmail Accounts Can I Have.” This article shows a simple method of creating multiple Gmail addresses.

Whether you want to maintain your online identity, separate your logins across the web, organize different teams, or maybe to avoid spam and promotional emails, having more than one email address might be necessary.

While there is a limit to the number of Gmail accounts you can own per a mobile number, this post offers a simple method for creating unlimited Gmail addresses.

How many Gmail accounts can I have?

You can legally create as many Gmail accounts as you wish. But be aware that Gmail now (as of 2019) lets you create up to 4 email addresses per a mobile number. Before it used to be 10, but Google has slashed that number to 4.

While creating an account, Gmail usually requires text or phone verification to avoid spam and protect your account. Once you try to reg more than 4 accounts with a mobile phone, you’ll be greeted with an error message.

To remove this restriction, however, you’ll need to get a new mobile number. Since it’s not illegal to own more than one phone number and Google TOS didn’t frown upon having multiple email addresses, then you can create many email addresses with multiple phone numbers.



Nevertheless, if you’re a personal user, having one email address for personal use and another for professional use should suffice. If for any good reason you wish to have more than one account, then you can get as many phone numbers as possible.

But if you intend to spam people with your promotions and offers or all sorts of illegal stuff, there are several and strong verification steps in place that will check you.

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