How Much Data Does Online Gaming Use On PC

How much data does online gaming use on pc It depends on Playing online games use quite a lot of data the amount of data usage is depended on the gaming size?

Online gaming is very much fun and interesting to play mostly on PC, PS4, and PS3. According to my personal view playing online games uses quite a lot of data the amount of data usage is depended on the gaming sizes.

How much data does online gaming use on PC:

The gaming industry has a big business recommendation from all over the world and I would personally tell that mostly the young and the teenagers who are addicted to Multiplayer games are played online.

Youngers who spend most of the highly recommend online multiplayer games like CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE, PUBG, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, DIABLO iii are some of the most highly played online games which use a huge amount of data.

According to my view games that are played online like CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE charges 80MB per Hour. Because the game sizes are quite big enough to get more data usage.

Of course, you would need a good gaming PC as well in order to play such games.

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Online gaming data usage:

I would say that the data, of course, the online gaming data usage is based on the gaming, as per the gaming, the person who spends the most time on online multiplayer games is getting the usage of data to depend on the amount of time spent on the game.

According to my views if you’re having a good gaming speed and an internet speed of at least 3MBPS and also an upload speed which is highly recommended of about 1MBPS then you can cover most online games.

Online gaming bandwidth usage:

Yes, my according to my view I would say that the online gaming bandwidth uses a huge amount of data that almost 10 MB per hour. Even certain games like world of warcraft use approximately 25 MB per hour.

Xbox data usage:

When I was using an Xbox playing games like call of duty modern warfare and Warcraft it cost me a huge amount of data than playing with a normal PS4. I check the data usage and almost 60mb has been reduced in 1 hour.

Just by playing call of duty blacktops online multiplayer using Xbox. I would suggest that playing through a brand new Xbox might be cool but the amount of data usage would be higher.

PS4 data usage:

When I bought a brand new PS4 I use to play GOD of War which is mostly played in PS4 and I use to enjoy it. Later on, I got the opportunity to play battlefield 4 online multiplayer which is much better than the call of duty modern warfare 1 multiplayer.

The amount of data usage which I got is much less than playing though Xbox when I use to play battlefield 4 in Xbox 1 I got the data usage of 70MB per hour.

But when I use to play battlefield 4 on PS4 I got only 50 MB per hour

I would highly recommend PS4 for playing online games like Modern Warfare 3 and battlefield. The PS4 generally uses very little bandwidth when playing online.

Also, I would highly recommend you to play games like destiny 2, overwatch, and call of duty black ops 4 is and highly recommend the game but it cost a little more data than the battlefield.

I use to play call of duty black ops 4 and I cost me about 80 MB per hour in PS4.

Destiny 2 data usage:

Of course, playing destiny 2 costs a lot of data and MB even if you’re playing without the voice message it actually cost you a lot of data. When I use to play destiny 2 in Xbox 1. It approximately cost me around more than 550MB when I use to play it for almost 3 hours. And that is also the solo campaign of destiny.

Dota 2 data usage:

When it comes to Dota 2 I would say that playing DOTA 2 in less resolution and low setting would approximately cost you around 70 or 80 MB per hour. This is played through normal.

According to my opinion, it would cost more than 100 MB if you play DOTA 2 in high resolution and high setting depending on your internet speed.

So these 2 games are another highly recommended games where gamers say.

PUBG data usage:

“PUBG the most wildly played online game and data usage for PUBG”

I would suggest you play PUBG which is an online game which is played widely all over the world, this game is addicted even among the elder people who play this game.

PUBG is a game which is played through the android phone as well as PC, and the data cost for this game is very low than comparing to other types of games, when playing it on PC it will approximately cost around 30 – 50 MB per hour.

Depend on the game I use high resolution and played the game around 1 hour and it only cost me 40MB per hour in PC.

Now the pubg Game which is available through an android smartphone is highly recommended by the players who play the game it cost less than 50MB per hour the one who plays it in an android phone.

PUBG can be a 30 MB game- this can be a low data usage game highly recommend this game if you want to play the game in less online data usage.

In Bottom Line:

Online multiplayer games can be much more fun than singer player games because the game is played through friends and other people in the country like the PUBG games are played online with different kinds of people in certain different people.

I would like to say that of course playing online games cost a lot of data depending on the game size and the speed of the internet that we have.

Also, I would say that you’re looking for online gaming to play with the first and foremost I would suggest you is to find a good PS4 or an Xbox which would give you a fast gaming experience if you’re playing in with.

And finally, I would suggest you is to find a high-speed internet connection which would give you the best impression when playing the game.

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