How Much Does Ecoatm Pay for Laptops?

Ecoatm is a recycling company that pays cash for used electronics, including laptops. How much eco atm pays for laptops depends on the make, model, and condition of the laptop. Generally speaking, newer and higher-end laptops will fetch a higher price than older and lower-end models.

Laptops in good condition will also sell for more than those in poor condition.

Ecoatm pays very well for laptops. In fact, they will pay you up to $500 for your old laptop. All you need to do is bring in your old laptop and a charger to one of their locations and they will take care of the rest.

Does Ecoatm Buy Laptops

Ecoatm is a company that specializes in buying and recycling used electronic devices. This includes laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The company has a network of kiosks where people can bring their old devices to be recycled.

Ecoatm does not currently accept laptops at its kiosks.

However, the company does have a mail-in program where people can send in their used laptops to be recycled.

Does Ecoatm Pay Cash for Laptops?

EcoATM is a safe and convenient way to recycle your old electronics, including laptops. You can receive cash for recycling your laptop at an ecoATM kiosk.

To find a location near you, visit the ecoATM website and enter your zip code.

Can I Sell My Laptop at Ecoatm?

Yes, you can sell your laptop at ecoATM. They are a safe and convenient option for selling used electronics.

Here is how it works:

  1. Bring your laptop to an ecoATM kiosk.
  2. The machine will scan your device and provide you with a quote based on its condition.
  3. If you accept the offer, insert your ID into the machine so it can verify your identity.
  4. Place your device in the designated spot and wait for the machine to process the transaction.
  5. Once everything is complete, you will receive payment in the form of cash or store credit (depending on which option you choose).

Does Ecoatm Buy Macbooks?

Yes, EcoATM buys Macbooks! If you have an old or used Macbook that you no longer want or need, you can sell it to ecoATM and receive cash for it. All you need to do is bring your Macbook to an ecoATM kiosk and follow the on-screen instructions.

An ecoATM representative will then assess your Macbook and give you a quote for how much it is worth. If you accept the quote, they will pay you in cash on the spot! So if you’re looking to get rid of your old Macbook, ecoATM is a great option.

Does Ecoatm Take Phones That Aren’t Paid Off?

No, ecoATM does not take phones that aren’t paid off. The company only accepts devices that are fully functional and have no outstanding obligations attached to them.

This means that any phone you attempt to sell to ecoATM must be completely free and clear of any carrier contracts or financing plans.

If your device is still under contract or financed through a carrier, you will need to cancel those services before selling it to ecoATM.


Ecoatm is a phone and electronics recycling company that offers cash for your old devices. They have kiosks located in select stores where you can recycle your laptops, phones, and other gadgets.

So, how much does Ecoatm pay for laptops?

Well, it depends on the make and model of your laptop as well as the condition it’s in. Generally speaking, you can expect to get around $5-10 for an old laptop. However, if you have a newer or higher-end model, you could get up to $50!

So, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve got an old laptop gathering dust somewhere.