How to Add Custom Music to Smash 4?

This text tutorial will show how to add custom music to Smash 4. After following this guide, everything seems not to work, which means you’ve screwed up the configuration, and you’ll have to reset everything.

How To Add Custom Music To Smash 4

However, I recommend you re-read the guide to make sure you didn’t miss anything on the way.


  1. The nus3bank file you want to add.
  2. Sm4shExplorer.
  3. A dump of the game.



Download a more recent version of Sm4shExplorer. This plugin lets you edit the music configuration of the game as well as add new music.

If you already have one installed, that’s fine. But ensure the version has “Sm4shMusic” in the Plugins tab. If not, you’ll have to upgrade to a more recent or latest version.


Have the nus3bank file you want to add in place. You can download nus3banks here. You can also convert a music file to a nus3bank. You can check this article on Gamebanana for how to.

As a side note: your nus3bank name should start with “snd_bgm_“. So you have a file name like “snd_bgm_[Music Name]“. Here, the [Music Name] is the name of the song or its abbreviation (if the name is overly long.)

How to Add Custom Music to Smash 4?

Step 1:

Open your Sm4shExplorer folder and drop the nus3bank file inworkspace\content\sound\bgm.

Step 2:

Run the Sm4shExplorer program. Select the Plugins tab, then Sm4shMusic. On the bottom-left corner of the Sm4shExplorer window, click “Add.” If it doesn’t add any entries, don’t fret, everything will be fine. You can fill them up yourself or skip.

Step 3:

Let’s test if your music file works. Under “Sound DB File”, you’ll see the “Main BGM” bar. Type the part between “snd_bgm_” and “nus3bank” of the song’s file name you intend to add. Click the play button (placed to the right of the file name) to test if the song works.

Step 4:

Under “MSBT File”, locate “Title” and type the name of the custom music. Copy the song and drop it into “Title SoundTest”.

Step 5:

In “Source”, input the name of the game that owns the custom song.

Step 6:

Add the music to your preferred stage by clicking the “My Music” tab. If you wish, you can add the same song to multiple stages. Under “Sound DB”, click on the menu you see right there and select the song’s name. Click “Yes” when it asks if you want to add the BGMs in MyMusic as well.

Step 7:

Click on File, select “Compile the modifications” and then build your mod. You can now copy or move the game to your SD card. Run the game and test if the custom smash music works. If it does, then congratulations. If it doesn’t, then re-read the guide to make sure you don’t leave out anything.

That’s how to add custom smash 4 music. You can drop your feedback and questions in the comment below.

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