How to Add Xbox Party Chat to OBS

If you’re a fan of Microsoft’s Xbox console and you like to stream your gameplay on Twitch or another platform, you might be wondering how you can add Xbox Party Chat to OBS.

Luckily, it’s not too difficult to do. In this article, we’ll show you how to add Xbox Party Chat to OBS in just a few simple steps.

  • Download and install the latest version of OBS from the obs project
  • launch OBS and click the “+” button in the “Sources” panel
  • select “Window Capture” from the list of options
  • in the window that appears, select “Xbox Party Chat” from the drop-down menu at the top
  • click “OK”
  • you should now see Xbox Party Chat audio in your OBS preview!

How Do I Add Game Chat Audio to OBS?

If you want to add game chat audio to OBS, there are a few things you need to do.

First, make sure that your microphone is properly plugged in and working. Next, open up OBS and go to the Settings menu.

Under the “Input Devices” section, click on the drop-down menu next to “Microphone” and select your microphone from the list of options. Now that your microphone is set up, it’s time to add the game chat audio into OBS. To do this, go back to the main OBS window and click on the “+” icon under the “Sources” section.

A new window will pop up – select “Audio Input Capture” from the list of options and click “OK”. Another window will appear – this time, make sure that the “Create New” option is selected and give your new source a name (like “Game Chat Audio”). Click “OK” once you’re done.

Now all you have to do is start up your game and begin chatting! The game chat audio should now be coming through OBS loud and clear.

How Do I Stream Xbox Party Audio to Pc?

If you’re looking to game with friends on your PC, you may be wondering how you can go about streaming Xbox party audio to your computer.

Luckily, there are a few different ways that you can do this! The first option is to use the official Xbox app for Windows 10.

This app allows you to connect to your Xbox One and stream games directly to your PC. It also has a built-in party chat feature, so you’ll be able to hear your friends while gaming. Another option is to use a third-party chat client like Discord or Mumble.

These programs allow you to connect to an Xbox One party chat without using the official app.

However, they won’t let you stream games from your console – only chat audio.

Finally, if you have an Elgato HD60S+ capture card, you can use it to stream both game and party audio from your Xbox One straight to your PC.

This is the most comprehensive solution, but it does require some extra hardware. Whichever method you choose, streaming Xbox party audio to PC is a great way to enjoy gaming with friends on your computer!

How Do I Add My Xbox App to Obs?

Adding your Xbox app to OBS is a great way to improve your gaming experience and get more out of your streaming sessions.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the latest version of OBS from the official website.
  2. Run the installer and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.
  3. Launch OBS and click on the ‘+’ sign in the ‘Scenes’ section. This will add a new scene for you to work with.
  4. Name your scene something like ‘Xbox App’ or whatever you want.
  5. In the ‘Sources’ section, click on the ‘+’ sign again and select ‘Window Capture’.
  6. In the window that pops up, select your Xbox app from the list of available windows and click ‘OK’.
  7. Your Xbox app should now be visible in OBS!

Can You Record Xbox Party Chat?

Yes, you can record Xbox party chats with the right software and hardware. Here’s what you need to know to get started. To record Xbox party chat, you’ll need a few things: a capture card (like the Elgato HD60 S), a PC, and recording/streaming software (like OBS Studio).

You’ll also need an Xbox One console and a headset with a mic. Once you have everything set up, open your recording/streaming software and select your capture card as the input source. Then start a party chat on your Xbox One console and begin talking to your friends.

Your voice will be recorded along with any game audio that is playing. To stop recording, simply end the party chat on your Xbox One console and close out of your recording/streaming software. Your recorded video file will be saved to your computer for later viewing.

How to Add Xbox Party Chat to Streamlabs on Pc

Adding Xbox Party Chat to Streamlabs on Pc If you’re a PC gamer who uses Streamlabs OBS, there’s a good chance you also use an Xbox One. And if you use an Xbox One, there’s a good chance you like to party chat with your friends while you game.

Luckily, it’s easy to add Xbox Party Chat to your Streamlabs stream.

Here’s how:

  1. Open up Streamlabs OBS and go to the settings tab.
  2. Under the general tab, scroll down until you see the “Advanced Settings” section. Click on that.
  3. A new window will open up with a bunch of different options. Scroll down until you see the “Remote Control” section and click on that.
  4. In the Remote Control window, click on the “Enable Remote Control” button at the top.
  5. A new window will pop up asking you to enter a code that is displayed on your screen intoStreamlabs OBS. Do that and hit “OK.”
  6. If no window pops up or if it says something about being unable to connect, go back to step 3 and make sure the remote control is enabled. You may need to restartStreamlabs OBS for this change to take effect.
  7. Once everything is set up, go ahead and launch your game as normal. When you’re in-game and want to start chatting with your friends, just hit the home button on your controller to bring up the guide menu overlay.
  8. From there, navigate over to the party chat option and select it.

That’s it! You should now see yourself talking in party chat overlayed onto your Twitch stream for all of your viewers to see and hear.


If you’re a fan of Microsoft’s Xbox One and use the popular OBS streaming tool, you may be happy to know that there’s now a way to add your Xbox Party chat to your stream.

Here’s how to do it.

First, make sure you have the latest version of OBS installed.

Then, open the settings menu and go to the “Output” tab. In the “Output Mode” drop-down menu, select “Advanced.”

Next, click on the “Advanced Output Configuration” button.

In the window that pops up, check the box next to “Enable Custom Audio Device.” This will allow you to select your Xbox One as an audio input device in OBS.

Now, go to the “Audio” tab, and in the “Device” drop-down menu, select your Xbox One.

You should now be able to hear your party chat audio in OBS!

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