How to Aim in PUBG?

Looking for ways to quickly improve your aim in PUBG? This article shares some proven tips on how to aim in PUBG to acquire targets and land better shots.

How to Aim in PUBG?

The aim in PUBG is all about training your muscle memory to point at things as accurately as possible. Your sensitivity needs to be properly set up to get better shots. Apart from merely playing the game and practicing, there are some other ways to improve your aim in PlayerUknown’s Battleground.

Landing good shots also depend on your weapon. Weapons have different features such as range, firing modes, spray, and recoil. To become good at aiming, I recommend you try out each gun and see how they work. Below are a couple of tips to perfect your aim in PUBG.

Aim in PUBG by Trying Out Weapons:

First, try out weapons before using them in combat. But make sure you’re alone, so you don’t attract a nearby enemy.

Practice Range:

The Practise Range allows you to try out different weapons. Here you can target stationary objects and moving enemies.

How to Aim at Moving Targets?

In battlegrounds, hitting moving targets is one tricky aspect to master. Landing the perfect shot depends on the distance of the enemy as well as the gun’s bullet velocity. The following suggestions should help improve your accuracy while targeting moving objects.

  1. When a target is about 100m away, place an imaginary person ahead of it, and shoot this position.
  2. For enemies at a distance of roughly 200m, imagine two opponents ahead of the target and fire. You can use this pattern to acquire and shoot opponents at longer distances.


The above tips work pretty well for every long-range weapon and can be adjusted when necessary.

Determining distance can also be pretty confusing, especially for inexperienced players. To calculate the range of the target, you need a good sense of judgment, though you can only improve on this with continuous practice.

General Aiming Tips:

  • Make sure your mouse settings are balanced to meet your firing demands. Some settings to tweak are DPI rating, general sensitivity, and mouse acceleration. I recommend you read this article on mouse DPI and sensitivity settings in PUBG.
  • When you are aiming down sights or zoomed in with a scope, hold “Shift” before firing. This will hold your breath and temporarily stop your weapon from swaying sideways.
  • You can also head into Squad matches as a solo player. Here you will encounter and get involved with more enemies. You can use this game mode to train your aim and improve your overall gameplay performance.

Alternate Way to Train Your Aim:

Install a free game called Aimtastic on Steam. After installing the game, set your sensitivity identically to PUBG. This is helpful because the skills acquired in Aimtastic translate to PUBG. Though this game will not train your gun mechanics, it will improve your raw aim.

There are about seven game modes in Aimtastic, in which I suggest you practice the “Bigger Then Smaller” and “Reflex.” You can, however, get involved with other game modes and use your scores to measure your skills.

One thing about the game is it trains your flicks, increasing your ability to acquire a target and shoot it quickly. You may want to practice Aimtastic for a couple of minutes every day.

I hope this PUBG knowledge has helped you. Don’t forget to share this post with other gamers. I will also be looking forward to your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

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