How to Bold in Discord [Complete Guide]

This post explains how to bold in Discord. You might have seen many Discord users typing in boldface and wondered how they keep doing that as there isn’t a visible formatting option on the chat app.

Before getting into the how-to, note that Discord makes use of Markdown, a lightweight markup language that utilizes plain-text formatting syntax. But you don’t have to worry about any markup or syntax. The instructions below will show how to type in bolded letters, simply.

How to Bold in Discord?

How to Bold in Discord

To bold a particular word or part of your statement, write the text between two pairs of asterisks. In other words, type two asterisks to the left and right of the text.

For example, “**This is a bolded text**” without the quotes will come out in boldface.

Pretty simple, right?

Apart from making text bold, you can also italicize, bold italicized, underline, and strikethrough text in Discord. Let’s see how to do these in turn.

How to Italicize?

To italicize text, add one asterisk to the beginning and the end of the text – similar to the boldface process. For example, if you type up **This is an italicized statement”. The text will be rendered in italics.

How to Create Bold Italicized Text In Discord?

This process is the same as bolding text. But we’ll need three asterisks (***), added to the left and the right of the text.

For example, “***This statement is bold and italicized.***” without adding the quotes will appear bolded and italicized.

How to Underline Text in Discord?

Unlike the previous formatting options that utilize asterisks, underlining requires just two underscores. To do this, put your desired text between two underscores. For example, type up “_This will be underscored_” without the quotes. The text will now be underlined.

To Strikethrough Text in Discord:

Place two tilde symbol (~~) to the right and left of the word, statement, or sentence. Your text will now be crossed out.

As you can see, making text stand out in Discord is easy. Now start making your text, statement and sentences stand out.

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