How to Build An Android App Without Coding?

Android applications are playing an important role in our lives today. Everything that we think of and characterize in our mind is found in applications on the Android Playstore. The thing about android applications is that every day we move towards a simpler yet complex tomorrow as programmers and computer scientists that make these applications put forward solutions that the people need for their problems.

How to Build An Android App Without Coding


Android App Without Coding


In this technological world when we face any problem we quickly move towards our smartphones and things that help us deal with the matter in seconds. The applications inside your smartphone that help you gain access to sites and solutions are the real lifesavers as without them we would be spending loads of time to access the solutions. These applications not only deal with our difficulties but also help us improvise and adapt to a better future but after all the question is how to develop an android app.

What is Android?

Android is Google’s operating system. It represents 80% of the market. Usually, developing a native app for Android requires writing code. This implies knowing a suitable programming language. But creating an Android mobile application without a code is possible.

Creating a mobile app gives access to popularity. In developed countries, between 90 and 98% of 18-34-year-olds have a mobile. Millennials and their seniors are aware of the obligation to think “mobile-first”. This involves designing an Android and Windows mobile app, or an iPhone app.

Without knowing the programming languages, how to build an android app?

The first solution is to entrust the realization of mobile applications to digital agencies. They take care of everything, especially writing the code. But the budget is high, it takes at least $10k. But now in the evolving world, people want quick and simple, and low-cost methods to get their work done.

App builders are the solution to this!

Android App Without Coding


Choosing an app builder:

Just a few years ago, building mobile apps with builders wasn’t exactly the most reliable way to go. The reason for this is that you could only create a static app. without dynamic characteristics.

The best Apps Builders let you build all types of native apps. From simple to complex applications, the range is wide. Build an application requires neither any development environment nor coding!

Various online free app builder platforms such as BuildFire, AppMachine, AppMakr help you get your job done and build an APK.

This type of web application is app-like with a lot of advantages. They are found through a URL. This avoids the demanding publication on the Stores. They are simple to make and easy to use for the mobile user.

Android app design:

When you are done with the basic step of selecting the program your application will be made on, the next step is to make an overview of the app you want as a final product, the app design is the most important area to work on. The app design should be focused on the user interface and to get your app into the top ranking the trick is simply to make your app user-friendly and easy to use.

As the ultimate goal of developing an Android APP application software is to cater to the appetite of the public and win the favor of users, so the user experience is an essential function.

After your app is built now the next step is to publish your app.

Launch your Android application:

Android apps represent 70% of app downloads worldwide. Since 2015, over a million new Android apps are released every year. The number of Android apps available on Google Play is constantly growing. If you launch a mobile application, you absolutely must think about this platform. With Android developing applications for mobiles increases its visibility. Play store also gives access to the revenue-generating advertising source known as Admob.