How to Bypass Verizon Activation Screen: Easy Steps and Tips.

To bypass verizon activation screen, switch off mobile data, use a sim card, select a language and activate your device. This process can be done in a few easy steps without any difficulties.

If you recently purchased a verizon device, you are prompted to activate it before you can use it. This procedure ensures that your device can access verizon’s network and use your calling, texting, and data services. However, some users may wish to bypass the activation screen for various reasons.

For instance, you may be traveling and don’t want to use a roaming plan or are switching carriers. Others might want to purchase a used device that was previously activated, and they don’t know the associated account’s login information. Whatever the reason may be, you can bypass verizon’s activation screen to use your device in a few easy steps.

Understanding Verizon Activation Screen

The verizon activation screen can sometimes be overwhelming, but it is necessary to complete before using a new device. There are various types of screens, including the cdma, 4g lte, and wi-fi activation screens, each with different requirements. To activate a verizon device, you will need the device’s imei or meid number, the sim card number, your verizon account information, and a wi-fi or cellular connection.

It is important to carefully follow each step of the activation process to ensure the device is fully activated and ready to use. By understanding the different types of verizon activation screens and their requirements, along with the process of activating a device, you can easily bypass the verizon activation screen and enjoy your new device to the fullest without any difficulties.

Reasons To Bypass Verizon Activation Screen

Bypassing verizon activation screen is common for many reasons. One reason is switching to a new carrier. It could be cost-effective or have better network coverage. Another reason is using an old or used device with someone else’s activation still on.

Troubleshooting activation problems could also result in bypassing the screen. Moreover, skipping unnecessary steps can save time. Whatever the reason may be, following easy steps and tips can help bypass verizon activation screen.

Easy Steps To Bypass Verizon Activation Screen

Inserting a sim card is the first step to bypass verizon activation screen. Connect to wi-fi and start device bypass process. Verify device compatibility and activate. Easy steps make it easy. Carefully follow instructions for smooth activation process. Keep it simple and hassle-free.

Tips For Bypassing Verizon Activation Screen

Before attempting to bypass the verizon activation screen, it’s important to check device compatibility with your phone. Disconnect any mobile network or bluetooth connections to avoid any interference. You can use third-party tools or software to bypass the activation screen.

However, be aware of any risks and precautions you may need to take. While bypassing the activation screen can be an effective solution, it’s important to exercise caution and proceed with care.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Bypass Verizon Activation Screen

How Do I Bypass Verizon Activation Screen?

You can bypass verizon activation screen by tapping the home button three times quickly to activate the voice assistant feature. This will allow you to access the phone’s settings, and you can then select the “emergency call” option to open the emergency dial pad.

From there, you can enter *#83786633# which will prompt the “verizon hidden menu” screen, where you can disable the automatic activation process.

What Happens If I Can’T Bypass Verizon Activation Screen?

If you can’t bypass verizon activation screen, you can contact verizon customer care to assist you with the activation process. Their specialists can unlock your device, provide further instructions, or even provide a new sim card if needed. They will ensure that your activation process is successful.

Can I Bypass Verizon Activation Screen Without Sim Card?

Yes, you can bypass verizon activation screen without sim card by following the same procedure of accessing the phone’s setting through the voice assistant feature. Once you are on the “emergency call” option, you can then enter *#83786633# which will prompt the “verizon hidden menu” screen.

From there, you can follow the same instruction to disable the automatic activation process.

Is It Legal To Bypass Verizon Activation Screen?

Bypassing verizon activation screen isn’t illegal. However, it is worth noting that it could void your warranty and might affect the phone’s overall performance. Verizon may also not service your device if they find out that you have bypassed the activation screen.

Can Bypassing Verizon Activation Screen Damage My Phone?

Bypassing the verizon activation screen does not damage the phone. However, it may void your warranty, and you will lose all the potential benefits of activating your device through verizon. It’s essential to weigh the benefits of bypassing the verizon activation screen versus activating your device through verizon.


To sum up, bypassing the verizon activation screen is a must-know process for verizon users. Although this process may seem complicated, following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article will make the process easy. By bypassing the activation screen, users can avoid any potential complications that may arise with the screen or the activation process.

Moreover, this process saves the users time and effort, making it a convenient solution. It is important to note that users should only bypass the activation screen when they have all the necessary information and tools available. Overall, this simple guide will assist users to bypass activation screens on verizon devices easily and efficiently.

By following these steps, users can enjoy their verizon devices without any interruptions from the activation screen.

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