[Easy Guide] How to Cast iPhone to Roku Without Wifi?

Everyone loves to use smartphones and watch television. The enjoyment doubles when you mirror any content from your phone to a television set. Using the Roku TV is one of the smartest ways, indeed.

But do you know how to cast iPhone to Roku without wifi?

Well. It needs a lot of preparation and planning in order to make it happen. But you need not to think about them. This post will make everything simpler.

In fact, the post will explain how you can use the mirroring without using wifi. Many think that without wifi, it is not possible to cast the phone on television.

Let’s explore the process, here.

What is Screen Mirroring?

In a nutshell, this is the process of casting your phone contents into a television set.

For instance, if you are watching something on your phone, you can cast that on your television. The content will be in a larger form on the television screen.

As a result, the enjoyment of watching the content becomes double. Instead of holding your phone in front of your face, you can relax.

Besides, there are many more benefits of casting a phone on a television. We will discuss those in the subsequent section of this post.

How to Cast iPhone to Roku Without Wifi?


Well. This is a pretty simple process, indeed. When you do not have the wifi, you can use an alternative method. Check the steps here.

Step 1

Get an HDMI adaptor

If you are unwilling to use the wifi, or if you do not have access to the internet, you will need an HDMI adapter.

The adapter will help you connect with your television set.

You need the device as the Roku TV may not support the AirPlay option. So, you need to connect the iPhone and the television using the adapter.

Step 2

Connect the adapter

In this step, you have to connect the adapter to your iPhone. The process is effortless. You have to connect the adapter with the charging port of your iPhone.

Then, you have to connect the adapter to the port of your Roku television.

Step 3

Mirror with the television

It’s the last step. Here, you have to establish the connection between your television and the iPhone.

Take the remote control and press the home button. You have to select the HDMI port. The selection will connect the television to your iPhone.

Now, your phone screen will be visible on the television screen.

Benefits of Screen Mirroring

Why do you need to cast your screen on a television? Because there are multifarious reasons. Check them out here.

Larger View

The first and most important aspect is that you will watch more. Usually, the mobile screen is smaller in size. But when you are casting or mirroring the screen on television, it becomes larger.

In fact, you will see the exact thing on the television that you see on your phone screen. But the size is bigger than the mobile phone screen.

Effortless Research

Besides, if you are conducting any research, you can use this process. You can shoot any video clip for research purpose on your mobile phone. Then you can cast the content on the television. It will help you to make the analysis.

This is not always possible to carry a large camera or filming unit to the research location. It becomes handy if you use a mobile phone for filming purposes. Smoothly, you can get the shots and later, analyze them on a bigger screen using the aforesaid process.

Enjoyment Doubles

On the other part, your enjoyment will double if you use the larger screen. Usually, it is not suitable to enjoy any content on the small screen of a mobile phone. Besides, it creates pressure on the eyesight of the viewers.

But when you are on a large screen, naturally the benefits are more. Enjoyment increases twofold.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use mirroring with wifi?

Of course, you can. In fact, screen mirroring using wifi is easier. However, you will need an active internet connection. Both the television and mobile phone must be compatible with an internet connection.

If any of the end users are unable to connect to the internet, you cannot make it happen.

What is screen mirroring?

Well. This is a process of casting your mobile phone screen on any television set. The screen of your mobile phone will be visible on the television, and it will look bigger.

This has become a common trend in the present day. Many smartphone users use the method to see their content on a bigger screen. Almost all smartphones and smart television sets support this feature.

Is there any demerit of screen mirroring?

When you are wireless, I mean without wifi, you might face trouble. For instance, you need to remove the adapter from your phone and the television set. Also, you have to disconnect the HDMI adapter each time you mirror your mobile phone screen.

This is a potential issue. But when you go wireless, you are free of such worries.

Last Words

Perhaps you have the know-how on how to cast iPhone to Roku without wifi. You might have the right idea about the matter.

However, if still you are in trouble, do not think twice to let us know. You can use the comment section to share your issues. We will get back with the solution.

Thank you so much for reading the post.

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