How to Change Character In Fortnite?

I have chosen this topic (How to change character in Fortnite), especially for new Fortnite players. Often players play this battle game, but after some time, they really want to have some changes.

Luckily they may have lots of options, including characters!

Yes, you have heard, right? Now Fortnite offers you to change characters completely. Keep in mind that in this royal battle game, you may have six different skins by default. All these skins are randomly assigned by a game at the start.

For owning or equipping a skin, a player must have to go systematically. The game does not offer you to change any other skin or character instead of money. I mean, you can change your Fortnite defaulted character by purchasing a new one only.

Personally, I have experienced that gaming epics could be changed in the future; this is why a lot of people buy and change their character’s skin, not the whole character. Even some players would love to change the gender of the character.

Unless you can use your defaulted skin or character if you don’t want to spend your money, otherwise, money can buy everything, including; Fortnite characters.

Well, below, you will have a complete guide for your purpose. I have tried to complete all the requirements of changing characters in the Fortnite game. For a complete guide regarding this topic, please look below and have something extra!

Should be a Fortnite character change or not?

Don’t you think? Changing your personality or improving your looks is one step ahead of your betterment. This fact will not apply in this game, but you may obey this line in your real life also. By keeping this thing in mind, Fortnite offers a great chance to change its characters fully.

Certainly changing characters in a royal battle could be time taking but don’t worry, you will be able it soon if you know how to change it.

According to history, Fortnite has launched two years ago approximately. In those days, players were not allowed by the game to change their costumes or even skin. At that time, a player must have to survive a skin that he gets randomly.

As you know, from start to end, video games get revolutionary changes. Therefore after the first year of its launch, the developer of this game changed their mind and decided to change the characters.

How to Change Character in Fortnite?

Before the character change option, the gaming was losing a good number of its players because they want to change, and they could not continue this game with only one identity.

Make sure that you cannot change the whole Fortnite character in one stroke but can change a lot of kinds of stuff. Your selected stuff will completely transform your defaulted character into a new one. The changing character will start from the skin, then rest all you may change, including gender, costumes, etc.

Keep in mind that changing skin will only change your character, not the way that you play this game. Fortnite provides a good chance for all free players to beat the paying players. Luckily paying players are having a lot of extra features that free players cannot get.

Simply there is a trick for changing complete characters in Fortnite. Fortnite offers you to utilize your V-bucks in order to change your character’s skin and other materials. Additionally, you may have new skin by doing different online promotions.


  • Anyways firstly, select your desired skin and then go to a menu titled “LOCKER.”
  • Once you have entered the skin, then you will all other defaulted skins. Now switch your new skin with any of your old skin.
  • Further, there are a lot of options to change multiple kinds of stuff, but your first prior should be skin.
  • Notify that in the locker, you will have both male and female skins. Further, you will be able to change your gender, if you have selected the same skin male/female. Note you cannot change your Fortnite gender to male if you purchased a female skin.
  • This is so simple and easy to transform your Fortnite gameplay. Sadly I must say that by spending some money or V-bucks, you are not able to change your character completely, and the start would be the skin.

May you have played a lot of new games that offer to change complete character within seconds, but unfortunately, they cannot make you experience the same as Fortnite battle royal. Try to keep your prior (earning V-bucks); once you have purchased a skin, it means you have changed your character.

Bottom lines:

Again I would like to tell you that the Fortnite battle royal game only offers 6 defaulted skins. Meanwhile, skins are the basic point of changing a character. A player can only buy skin by spending some money or by earning V-bucks. Once you changed the skin, then you will be able to change other character-changing options.

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