How to Charge Fitbit Alta?

Want to charge your Fitbit Alta the right way? This post clearly explains how to charge Fitbit Alta without messing things up.

How To Charge Fitbit Alta

Whether you are setting up Fitbit Alta for the first time or you want to recharge the tracker, follow the steps below.

How to charge Fitbit Alta?

  1. Connect your charger to your tracker. To do this, look for the three dots at the back of your tracker. Connect the charging cable to the tracker’s charging contact – the three dots – ensuring the dots align with the pins on the charging cable.
  2. Next, plug the charging cable into a compatible wall charger or the USB port on your computer.

Note: the tracker will vibrate and display a battery icon once the charger connects correctly. Charging takes about one to two hours to complete. The tracker will display a solid battery icon once it’s fully charged.

It is worth mentioning that a fully charged tracker can last up to 7 days, depending on use, settings, and other factors.

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