How to Check What Iphone Model I Have

There are a few ways to check what iPhone model you have. One way is to look at the back of your phone. The back of each iPhone model is different.

Another way to check is by looking in your settings app. Go to “Settings,” then “General,” and then “About.”

  • You can check what iPhone model you have by looking at the back of your device
  • Locate the small text that says “Designed by Apple in California
  • Directly below that text, you should see a line of smaller text that includes the model number of your device
  • If you’re still unsure which iPhone model you have, you can also check the settings app on your device
  • Go to Settings > General > About to view your device’s model number and other information about your phone

How To Find Which iPhone You Have!

Q: How to Check What Iphone Model I Have

Assuming you would like to know how to check what iPhone model you have without taking it apart: There are a few ways that you can determine which model of iPhone you have. One way is to look at the back of your phone.

The model number will be printed in small type on the back near the bottom. It will start with “A” and then followed by a four-digit number. For example, an iPhone 6 Plus would be A1524 while an iPhone 5s would be A1453.

If for some reason you can’t read the tiny text on the back of your phone, another way to check is by going into your Settings app and selecting General > About. Scroll down until you see Model, and next to that you should see something that starts with “iPhone” followed by a space and then another four digits — those are your model number characters. For example, mine says “iPhone 8,4″ indicating I have an iPhone SE.

On the Back of Every Iphone, There is a Small Engraving That Says “Iphone” Followed by a Number

This number is the iPhone model. The small engraving on the back of every iPhone that says “iPhone” followed by a number is the iPhone model. The first iPhone was released in 2007 and was simply called the “iPhone” with no number following it.

The second iPhone, released in 2008, was called the “iPhone 3G” because it added support for third-generation (3G) cellular network technology. The third iPhone, released in 2009, was called the “iPhone 3GS” because it added a speedier processor and a better camera than its predecessor.

This Number Corresponds to the Specific Model of Your Device

For example, the iPhone 6 has a model number of A1549. When you need to find your iPhone’s model number, there are a few places you can look. The easiest place is on the back of your device.

Look for “Model” followed by a long string of letters and numbers. If you don’t have your device with you, or if it’s not turned on, you can also find your model number in iTunes. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

Select your device from the list that appears in the left sidebar. In the Summary pane, near the top, you’ll see “Model.” The model number is listed here, along with other information about your device such as capacity and software version.

You can also use Apple’s online support site to find yourmodel number. Go to Apple’s website and click Support at the top of the page. Enter “Find my iPhone” in the search bar and select it from the results that appear.

On the next page, under “Physical Dimensions,” look for Model Number.” Finally, if none of these options are available to you, you can try using an app like System Info Lite (which is free on the App Store).

For Example, If Your Engraving Says “Iphone 6S,” Then You Have an Iphone 6S

-How to find your iPhone model number Your iPhone model number can be found by looking at the back of your phone. On the back, near the bottom, you will see “Model AXXXX” printed in small letters.

This is your iPhone model number.

If It Just Says “Iphone,” Then You Have an Original Iphone

If it says “iPhone 3G,” then you have an iPhone 3G. If your iPhone only says “iPhone” on the back, then you have an original iPhone. The original iPhone was released in 2007 and featured a 3.5-inch display, a 2-megapixel camera, and 16GB of storage.

It was followed by the iPhone 3G in 2008, which added support for 3G networks and GPS.

You Can Also Find Your Model Number in the Settings App

If you need to know your device’s model number for any reason, whether it’s to check compatibility with accessories or software updates, you can find it easily in the Settings app. Here’s how: Open the Settings app on your device.

Scroll down and tap About Phone (this may be titled About Device on some devices). On this screen, look for the Model Number entry. This is usually located near the top of the screen.

That’s all there is to it! Knowing your device’s model number can be helpful in a variety of situations, so it’s good to have this information handy.

Tap on “General,” Then “About” And Scroll down Until You See the “Model” Entry

You can find your iPhone’s model number by tapping on “General” and then “About.” Scroll down until you see the “Model” entry. The model number will be listed next to it.

How to Tell What Iphone I Have Without Turning It on

If you’re not sure which iPhone model you have, there are a few ways to figure it out without turning on your device. One way is to check the model number on the back of the phone. The iPhone 6s and earlier models have the model number printed in small letters beneath the “iPhone” branding, while the iPhone 7 and later models have it printed in large letters.

If you can’t read the model number on your device, another way to identify your iPhone is by checking the SIM tray. The SIM tray on an iPhone 6s or older has a slot for a nano-SIM card, while the SIM tray on an iPhone 7 or newer has a slot for both a nano-SIM card and an eSIM. Finally, if you still can’t determine which iPhone model you have, you can check its size.

The iPhone 6s and SE are 4.7 inches tall and 2.7 inches wide, while the iPhone 7 and 8 are 5.5 inches tall and 2.8 inches wide. The Plus-sized iPhones (6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus) are larger still at 6.2 inches tall and 3.1 inches wide.


This blog post outlines a few simple steps for determining which iPhone model you have. First, check the back of your phone for the model number. Next, consult Apple’s official list of iPhone models.

Finally, use an online tool like EveryMac to cross-check the model number and get more detailed information. By following these steps, you can easily find out which iPhone model you have.

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