How to Check When Last Iphone Backup was

To check when the last iPhone backup was, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. Under Backups, you will see the date and time of your most recent backup.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap the iCloud tab
  • Scroll down and tap Storage & Backup
  • In the Backup section, you will see when the last backup was performed

How to Check iPhone's iCloud Backup

-When was the Last Time You Backed Up Your Iphone

-How often should you back up your iPhone.-What are the consequences of not backing up your iPhone.If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about backing up your iPhone until it’s too late.

Whether you accidentally delete a important photo or lose your phone altogether, not having a backup can be a major inconvenience. Here’s everything you need to know about backing up your iPhone, including when to do it and what happens if you don’t.Most people only think about backing up their iPhones when they realize they’ve lost something important, but it’s actually a good idea to do it on a regular basis.

Depending on how often you use your phone and how much data you have, you should aim to back up at least once a week. If you have a lot of photos or videos, you may want to consider doing it even more frequently.There are two main ways to backup your iPhone: iCloud and iTunes.

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service that comes with every iOS device. You can use it to store photos, videos, documents, and other data so that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. iTunes is software that runs on both Mac and Windows computers; Once connected to your computer, it allows you transfer data from your iPhone to your computer (and vice versa).

Both iCloud and iTunes backups are free – although if you have a lot of data, iCloud may charge for additional storage space beyond the initial 5 GB allotment.

How to Check Last Iphone Backup on Computer

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about backing up your iPhone until it’s too late. But what if something happens to your phone and you lose all your data? That’s why it’s important to know how to check last iphone backup on computer.

There are two ways to back up your iPhone: through iTunes or iCloud. If you use iTunes, all you need to do is connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. Then, click on the “Summary” tab and select “This Computer” under the “Backups” section.

If you use iCloud, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on iCloud. Scroll down and tap on Storage & Backup. Under the Backup section, you’ll see when the last backup was performed.

Either way, it’s important to regularly check when the last backup was performed so that you can be sure that all of your data is safe in case something happens to your iPhone.


This post provides a step-by-step guide on how to check when your last iPhone backup was. This is useful information to have in case you need to restore your device from a backup. To check when your last backup was, simply open the Settings app and select iCloud.

From there, tap on Storage & Backup and look for the “Last Backup” section.

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