How to Clean Xbox 360 – Quick Guide For Beginners

We all know the influence of video games.

No doubt, Xbox has brought a revolution in this video gaming and streaming. Almost everyone enjoys playing games on Xbox, presented by Microsoft.

But at times, the users are in trouble. They need to clean the device for optimum performance. Do you know how to clean Xbox 360?

I can bet, the majority of my readers are unable to do this. They are unaware of the cleaning process. Thus, their gaming is hampered to some points.

I guess you have realized the topic of the post. Yes, it is about cleaning Xbox 360. Here, we will gradually explore the cleaning process. Let’s start.

What is Xbox?

Before moving into the core, we must get brief about Xbox. In a nutshell, this is a video gaming brand. Microsoft is the owner and manufacturer of this brand. The brand started their journey back in 2001 in the USA. Since then, it has been advancing in an indomitable force.

The Games

Xbox has a variety of consoles. And each of the consoles has different games. They are compatible with the Xbox only.

Xbox 360

This is the second console of Microsoft in this segment. It was released in 2005. The sale of this device is also remarkable.

Why Do You Need to Clean Xbox 360? 

The first thing is that it will make noise. When you are playing games, there might be some unwanted noise. A buzzing noise. It may irritate you.

Moreover, there might be disorders in playing games. Your device may have a slack performance. The entire gaming experience may turn upsetting. Therefore, for all such reasons, you need to clean your Xbox 360.

How to Clean Xbox 360?

Well, you can clean it with professionals. But that is a lengthy process. And may take more time than you expect. So, it is better to know the process. And clean it at home spending around half an hour.

Check the steps here.

Step 1: Remove The Side Panels

To clean the Xbox 360, you have to remove the side panel as the first step. Place the Xbox on a flat surface. And unscrew the side panels. Then remove the vent. Use a screwdriver for this purpose. Now, you need to disengage the side panel. Use the release tabs and use the screwdriver for this purpose.

Gradually, release all the tabs. And you need to do it for both sides. Follow the same approach.

Step 2: Disengage The Outer Casing

In this step, you have to disengage the outer casing. You must release the inner tabs for this purpose. Use a screwdriver. If you cannot figure out the points, check the user manual. There, you will get the points.

However, do not push the outer casing hard. If it breaks, you cannot attach the release tabs. And the outer casing is not replaceable as well. So, lift the casing using your finger with care. There are some other components inside. Ensure, those are not damaged.

Step 3: Run The Cleaning Drive

Now, it is time to clean the device. You have disassembled almost all the elements. Use a soft brush. Clean the dust using the brush. Usually, the dust gathers around the fan and wireless card. Clean the areas perfectly.

Scrub the areas with the bristle. Also, you can use a blower. It will remove dust and other buildups away. You can try a soft toothbrush as well for the purpose.

Clean all the areas. Make sure no corner is left unattended. Break the dirt. Remove them. The pressurized air can help you out greatly.

Step 4: Reassembling The Device

Once you have cleaned the inner parts, it’s time to reassemble. Set the parts in the position. Use the screwdriver to tighten the screws. Remember, do not force the screws. Or any parts. Otherwise, the parts and casing may break.

Set the cords in the right position, as they were before. Further, attach all the parts and other hardware smoothly.

Remember to double-check the cord connections. Or, you need to reopen it for fixing the connection. A hefty job, indeed!

Also, ensure the top cover, side panels are set firmly. Use the screwdriver to tighten the nuts, faceplates, and tabs. Reattach the side panels with great care.

The cleaning is done!

Benefits of Cleaning Xbox 360

Cleaning Xbox 360 renders a number of benefits. Dirt can make it look ugly. Further, the performance of the device may fall, as well.

Let’s check the key benefits here.

Smooth Performance

The first benefit is that you will get a smooth performance. Unless you clean the dirt or dust inside, the performance level will not rise. But when you will run the cleaning drive, you will see a magical boost.

Less Overheating

If you frequently clean the Xbox 360, it will not be overheated. Usually, the device may overheat. Playing for a long time may cause the disorder. But you easily can get rid of it. Keep it clean. And do it regularly. Your Xbox 360 will not be overheated.

Easy and Enhanced Control

Besides, sweat from your hand can damage the controllers. When you use them with dirt, grim,e and sweat, they become less responsive. Thereby, routine cleaning is a must.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Liquid Cleaners?

No. It is imperative not to use liquid cleaners. In fact, liquid cleaners can damage sophisticated parts. Entering into a core, the liquid cleaners can also cause electrical short-circuits. It happens as the cleaner may not be dried up.

So, it is important to skip the liquid cleaners. Instead, you can use a bristle brush and a blower for the same purpose.

Can Dust Damage My Xbox 360?

The answer is a big “NO.” Dust cannot damage the Xbox 360. However, when dust enters the device, it may slow down the performance to some extent. Therefore, you need to keep your device free of dust. And a clean console lasts for a long time.

Is It Possible to Play GTA V on Xbox 360?

Sure. You can play Grand Theft Auto Vice City V using your Xbox 360. Interestingly, you can record your game here, too. In a word, Xbox 360 will provide complete satisfaction when you play the game. And this is not possible using a computer.

Last Words

I hope you now know how to clean Xbox 360. The process is simple. But you need to be attentive and devoted. Otherwise, you may cause unwanted damage to the inner and outer parts of the device.

Clean your Xbox 360 with care. And enjoy the thrilling games.

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