How to Clear Saved Messages on iPhone?


One of the most exquisite gadgets in the galaxy. It’s expensive yet comfortable. And you want to know how to clear saved messages on your iPhone, right?

Yes, undoubtedly, the iPhone provides excellent comfort. And the operating system is simple as well.

Clear Saved Messages on iPhone

However, the beginners, at times, may experience some issues. Deleting messages is one of the most prominent issues.

How to Clear Saved Messages on iPhone – Easy Hacks For Beginners:

If the phone is in the wrong hand, the messages may create some unwanted situations. Also, you may face embarrassing situations. Or someone may misuse the messages. Therefore, it is better to delete the messages once they are read.

In this post, I will describe how to clear saved messages on iPhone. I hope you will get some comprehensive ideas in the end. Let’s start the journey.

Types of messages


Well, there are two types of messages on iOS. And the majority of the people are unaware of the issue. They are

–         Regular text message

–         iMessage

Using regular text messaging, you can send a message, images, or videos. And you have to pay the premium charge set by your subscribing company. Further, you need no active internet connection or data connectivity. It is usable without the internet.

On the contrary, you can use iMessage when you have an active internet connection. Also, you need to have an iCloud ID. Then, you can send text messages, images, or videos to someone having a similar feature. And the device should be from iOS.

How to clear saved messages on iPhone?

The process is simple. Not knowing the process, chances are higher that the messages will remain on your device.

I am telling you this because if you are not careful, the messages may remain on your device. You have to remove them completely. The majority of the users are unable to do this job.

Thereby, in this article, you will get a precise idea. To remove the messages permanently.

The benefits

Before you remove the messages, you need to know the benefits.

The very first thing is that you can save space. The images, videos, and texts occupy a certain amount of space. Thus, it is essential to know how to clear saved messages on an iPhone.

Further, you will be free of worries. The worries about being exposed. Your messages may have many issues. Some of those might be private. And surely you do not want those to be exposed. So, you must remove them.

The ways

The first thing is that you can delete a particular part of your message. Or, you can delete the entire conversation.

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How to delete a partial message?

It’s a simple process. Bring out the conversation (message on your iOS device). Tap on the message. You will find several options. Press on the “more” options. You can see dots alongside the option. It will check the message to be cleared from the conversation.

Now, you need to select it and delete it.

How to delete an entire conversation?

It is also a quick process.

You need to swipe the conversation on your iOS device.  An option with the “delete” command will pop up. Pressing delete will remove the message from your device. You are done!

So, this was all on how to clear saved messages on iPhone. There are specific other methods of removing messages from iPhones. But we will discuss those in another upcoming post.

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