How to Connect A PS4 Controller to A Kindle Fire [Quick Guide]

PlayStation 4 is one of the most impressive gaming devices of the age. It arrives with a number of features and flexibilities.

If you can connect a PS4 controller to a Kindle Fire, the enjoyment doubles. But do you know how to connect a PS4 controller to a Kindle Fire?

I guess the answer is negative. So, you are going through the post.

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What is A PS4 Controller?

As the name suggests, it is the controller that you use while playing in a Play Station. The real name of the controller is DualShock, and it is compatible with PS4.

This is, in fact, a gamepad that allows gamers to control their moves. Also, they get vibrations to know or determine the situation. Though it was for the PS4, now it is compatible with some other devices and machines.

What is Kindle Fire?

I think you are aware of this product. But let me give you a brief about it.

Kindle Fire is a product of Amazon that you can use as a tablet. But the size and shape are bigger than a regular smartphone and smaller than usual tablets.

So, it is easier to carry the device, play video games, listen to music, and perform other tasks. Besides, the devices arrive with exclusive features that have won the hearts of millions.

Quick Guide on How to Connect A PS4 Controller to A Kindle Fire?


The process is simple. But you need to follow a couple of steps to connect the controller to your Kindle Fire.

You will need an Amazon Kindle Fire and a PS4 wireless controller.

The steps

Step 1

Go to the Settings or Quick settings of your Kindle Fire. Then, select the Bluetooth option. Check it. If it is turned off, turn it on.

Step 2

Now, your Kindle Fire will look for the available Bluetooth devices. So, make sure, you have switched on the Bluetooth option (wireless connection) of your PS4 controller.

Step 3

Press the pairing button on your PS4 controller. It will make the device visible to the Kindle Fire. You will see the name as wireless on your Kindle Fire. Now, tap on the wireless device on the screen of the Kindle Fire to pair it.

After a successful pairing, the PS4 will start working smoothly.

Benefits of Using A Wireless Controller

Do you know why people use wireless controllers for their computers or laptops or for Kindle devices?

Yes, there are a number of facts. Using a wireless controller will render a bunch of smart benefits to the users. Also, you can use the device at any time you need.

But what are the key benefits that entice people to use such devices?

Well, the most frequent answers as follows

  • Easy to use
  • Mobility
  • Durability
  • Multipurpose application
  • Easy access and effortless configuration
  • No hassles of cords
  • Works in a certain range

Top Features of Amazon Kindle Fire

So far, you might have an idea about the Kindle Fire. This is a tiny device that can support you in number of ways. For instance, you can use the device as a web browser for emergencies. Also, you can listen to music or run apps or games.

The key features of this device include

  • Inexpensive device
  • Durable construction
  • Pre-installed functions
  • E-reader
  • Music player
  • Contacts
  • Document reader
  • Video player
  • Photo editing (basic)
  • Web browsing
  • Amazon shopping, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to Kindle Fire?

Well. The answer is a bit complicated. In fact, if your Kindle Fire is capable of Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect the Bluetooth keyboard. But if the device lacks the feature, it is not possible to connect the keyboard.

I need to copy some texts from an ebook. Is it possible in Kindle Fire?

You cannot copy and paste from a Kindle ebook. There are no such features available until today.

What will be the battery duration of my PS4 controller if I use it with Kindle Fire?

At least four hours. Yes, the charge will stay for at least four hours. However, it can get an extension in cases of lower use. Alternatively, you can charge and use the controller, too.

Last Words

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