How to Create Electronic Signature with Signature Generator

The development of an online signature generator is making it easier to sign documents electronically. As businesses sync their processes with the latest business communication trends, they are also digitizing their signatures. 

How to Create Electronic Signature with Signature Generator?


Signature Generator


An electronic signature generator facilitates the digital signing of documents. The software replaces the need for papers and makes it easy to track digitally signed documents. 

If you are looking for the best online signature creator check out CocoSign. Electronic signatures avoid wastage of paper and decrease the chances of tampering and forgery. 

Why choose CocoSign?

CocoSign is the modern alternative to signing documents that uses digital signatures. With multiple electronic signature generators available today, you may be wondering why select CocoSign? 


Signature Generator


To get an idea read it here. There are many things that make CocoSign the go-to electronic signature creator. Here are some of them: 

  1. Safe solution

CocoSign is a safe signature generator that applies the latest security protocols. This way, it meets the industry standards and regulations regarding digital signatures on digital documents. CocoSign meets HIPAA, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS standards. 

  1. Legal

With CocoSign, you get a digital signature solution that complies with e-signature laws such as eIDAS and ESIGN Act. The solution also allows users to add an enhanced authentication system like a pin or password.

  1. Real-time notification and secure storage

When your document is accessed, viewed, and signed, CocoSign will automatically send you real-time alerts. Also, the e-signature software will keep track of the status of the document workflow. 

Best of all, electronically signed documents will be saved in the e-sign cloud system. This prevents your confidential information from loss or tampering. 

How to create an electronic signature using CocoSign?

CocoSign provides a quick and easy way to apply e-signatures on documents. It only takes a few simple steps. Here is how you can create a digital signature with this simple and intuitive e-signature software: 


Signature Generator


Step 1: Visit the official CocoSign website and signup for an account. You will get 14-days of free trial after signup. 

Step 2: Next, open the CocoSign signature generator page. Here, you will have two options for creating your e-signature. You can either draw or type your signature. 


Signature Generator


To draw your signature, you can use a mouse or a stylus pen. CocoSign provides multiple fonts and styles that let you type your signature.

Step 3: Once you are done personalizing your signature, hit the ‘Save’ button. As you draw your signature, CocoSign allows you to clear unwanted strokes as you design the perfect signature. 

Step 4: After creating and saving your signature, click the ‘Download’ button to save the signature on your device. 

Areas where you can use an e-signature generator

E-signature solutions are highly sought after by businesses and organizations that need e-signatures. An electronic signature solution digitizes and streamlines various business processes. Below are some use cases: 

  1. Customer forms

In many businesses, no relationship exists between a customer and a brand without a signed contract. A signature is a seal of approval or customer consent that finalizes an agreement. 

Often, business deals fail because of relying too much on physical paperwork. With today’s impatient customers, addressing their needs as quickly as possible is necessary. E-signing gives companies a quick way to sign documents.  

  1. Order changes

With big projects, changes are bound to happen along the way. For instance, a customer may decide to change an order if they are worried about the quality of supplies. Regardless of the reason, changes can take time. 

However, businesses that rely on electronic signatures can avoid unnecessary interference in the execution of a project. They can easily maintain the paper trail of all the orders and approve changes electronically 

  1. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

For individuals or businesses that need special confidentiality and security, signing NDAs is necessary. Using wet-ink signatures presents complications when signing NDAs and tends to be inconveniencing. 

With an online signature generator, organizations and individuals can execute NDAs in compliance with the agreement. All this takes place in a timely manner. 

How does CocoSign e-signature generator work?

This digital signature relies on public key infrastructure (PKI) to uniquely link a signature to the signer. The PKI mechanism generates two keys, one private, and another public. 

For the recipient to access the signed content, the signer gives them access to the public decryption key. Take the example of John who needs to send a secure, signed document to Anne. 

First, the plain signed document is turned into a 128/256-bit format also known as has value. Next, the hash value is now encrypted using John’s private key. This is what is known as digital signing. 

Anne then decrypts the document using John’s public key. During the decryption of the document, the document is converted into another hash value. The program used to access the document then compares the hash value with John’s hash value. 

If the hash values do not match, then the document won’t open. Once the values match, the document opens with this message “The document has not been modified since this signature was applied.”


Businesses are welcoming the use of digital signatures to avoid forgery and tampering of data. However, they can only enjoy the benefits if they rely on the best electronic signature that easily integrates into the workflow. 

So, choosing CocoSign as your electronic signature generator is a step in the right direction.