How to Crouch Jump in PUBG?

When PUBG first came out, the only maneuvering technique for getting through obstacles such as a window is crouch jump. Later, vaulting was introduced into the system and has officially replaced the crouch jumping mechanic.

how to crouch jump in PUBG

Though vaulting is relatively easy to master, you can still crouch jump and even execute it smoothly. In this article, I will explain the latest way of using the crouch jump maneuvering technique.

Setup Crouch Jump in PUBG:

First, let’s separate the vault keys from the crouch jump key.

  1. Navigate to “SYSTEM MENU.”
  2. Choose “SETTINGS.”
  3. Switch to the “CONTROL” tab.
  4. Navigate to the “COMMON” section down below.
  5. Find the Jump Only option and set a dedicated key for it. Setting a key is extremely important to avoid crouch jump interference with the vaulting part.

How to crouch jump in PUBG?

With the above settings in place, crouch jumping out of a window is easy. Perform the combination of the action steps below to jump through a window.

  • (1) Sprint,
  • (2) Jump Only,
  • (3) Crouch, and
  • (4) Keep moving forward.

Make sure to perform all these action steps at almost the same time.

Note: The reason you need to keep sprinting (4) is because, without it, you’ll perform a different trick called window crouch.

As for window crouch, it allows you to sit in the frame of a window and attack an enemy. Though this helps you catch an enemy off guard, the technique can also expose you to other enemies approaching from a different angle.

If you want to attack enemies while sitting in the window frame, nevertheless, use the action steps below:

  • “Sprint” plus
  • “Jump Only” plus
  • “Crouch.”

Crouch Jump Vs. Vaulting?

Because mastering crouch jumping requires a lot of practice, you might wonder why to bother trying. Well, the most important advantage of crouch jumping is combat readiness. When jumping through a window, your weapon will be available sooner rather than later. This is different in vaulting as your firing ability stops for a while.

Moreover, the faster engagement that the crouch jump offers eliminates the combat downtime associated with window vaulting. In fact, you can shoot half a second sooner than you would normally do while vaulting through a window.

Though crouch jump does not offer any significant speed than vaulting, crouch jumping exposes less of your body and lets you land a tad bit farther than you would normally from vaulting.

The Bottom Line:

Crouch jump is a great skill to add to your playbook. Combining this maneuvering skill with the new vaulting technique can help you outperform your enemies, especially in an unforgiving game like PUBG.

I hope this PUGB knowledge has helped you. So, were you able to crouch jump through a window, or over obstacles? Please let me know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this post with friends on social media.

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