How to Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10?

Did you know how to Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10? The clue is here!

You are a Windows 10 user like me, right? And want to know How to Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10?

Windows 10, undoubtedly, is a great operating system. But there are allegations that this operating system from Microsoft is not up to the mark. You will not be able to enjoy all the potential features.

For instance, you need to follow some tricky ways to delete the background. But earlier, it was not that much complex. As Windows 10 has its special background images, the process is a bit difficult. Especially for those who are newbies.

However, not worry. I am here with the solution. In this post, you will get a complete idea. So, let’s start the exploration.

How to Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10?

How to Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10

Interestingly, right-clicking on the desktop is no more applicable here. Also, you cannot delete the external images too with right-clicking. So, you have to follow a special method.

The method(s)

Delete From System Images

Yes, the name “System Images” suggests something very special. In reality, they are the images stored in the system of your computer.

Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10

Right-click on the Start button. It is located on the left bottom of your monitor. Then, open “File Explorer.”

Navigate To The C Drive

After opening file explorer, you have to navigate into the “C” drive. To be more specific, navigate to C:\Windows\Web. And then open the Wallpaper Folder.

Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10

In the folder, you will get all the System Desktop Background Images altogether.

Delete The Image(s)

Now, it is time to delete the images. Select each of the images. Right-click on the image and press the “Delete” option.

Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10

The selected images will be deleted from your system.

So, it is the system of deleting the background system images. You can easily delete the images you do not want to appear on your desktop.

How to Delete The Uploaded Image?

At times you may set the background using some uploaded images. They are customized images and may look more appealing.

Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10

However, if you want to delete them, you can do that too.

Go to The Image Location

The uploaded images are also in the same location. The location is inside the “C” drive but you need to find them from the common download section. Usually, the common download locations include Downloads, Library, or Pictures. Or they are in any specific part of your desktop.

However, in case of failure to figure out the location, you can find them in “Personalization.”

Open Settings

Now, you have to open “Settings.”

If you are totally lost and unable to find the location of the desktop background image, you can follow the steps below to locate and delete the desktop background image.

Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10

Then go to the Personalization section.

Click on Themes

After opening Personalization, click on “Themes.” You will get it on your left pane. There, you will find the “Background” section. The desktop image is under this section.

Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10

Now, it is easier to delete the images. Select the image and delete it.

Why Windows 10?

Despite several allegations, people tend to use Windows 10 more and more. Why?

Let’s check the facts.

Easy Operation

The most important fact is the easy operation of the system. There are many users who are unable to operate Mac or Linux operating systems. For them, Windows 10 is the best suitable option. Therefore, people love to have this operating system despite some setbacks.

Start Menu Access

In Windows 8, the start menu disappeared. But in Windows 10, you get it back. So, the entire operation of the system has turned easier. Because of the disappearance, caused trouble for the users. However, those are gone now.

Longer Update

A new update means some fresh opportunities. Also, you can use the updates to meet your needs. And the good news is that Windows 10 provides updates for a long time.

At present, updates for Windows XP are not available. Officially. So, you cannot use that operating system. Even if you use it, you will not be able to derive the key benefits. But the scenarios are different with Windows 10. The update is available for a long time.

Less Cyber Threat

Besides, the chances of cyber threats have been minimized with Windows 10. You can use the operating system without fearing malicious viruses. The system is a strong one and prevents malicious infection.

Thereby, you can use various types of software on your PC. If the software is malicious, the system will reject it from installation. Hence, your security will remain intact. Also, you get Windows Defender activated with the operating system.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10 in five minutes?

Well. You need less than five minutes to delete the background image. Simply, follow the steps mentioned above. Hopefully, it will be done in less than two minutes.

Can I Set Programs to Start Automatically in Windows 10?

Of course, you can do that. Windows 10 allows users to set some programs automatically. To do that, you need to visit the System Administration. Or, you can also launch the programs. Then, from the settings of the programs, you need to set an automatic start.

Further, you can also stop the automatic launching of the programs. Either, you can do it from the System Administration. Or, you can prevent it from starting automatically from the settings of that app or program – as you did to start it.

Is Windows 10 A Faster Operating System?

Sure. Needless to say that Windows 10 is a faster operating system of the time. It is also a modern one and several times faster than the former Windows OS.

Is There Any Potential Disadvantage of Windows 10?

There are some compatibility issues. If you have some old games and files, you may not run them on your Windows 10. Being the latest operating system, it may not comply with the older files. So, you may witness some issues in this connection.

To get rid of the problem, you have to change the files. Or you need to install the updated version of the apps.

Last Words

Now, you know how to Delete Desktop Background Images in Windows 10. Apply the system to your computer and get a customized look.

Don’t forget to use the comment box to share your thoughts. Also, share the article on your social platform. It will help to spread knowledge as you know – knowledge is a shareable commodity.


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