How to Delete Multiple Snapchat Friends [Easy Guide]

So, you want to remove Snapchat friends, right?

Well. There are many reasons that you want to remove the friends from your list. You may want to start afresh. Or you might be irritated about the nose poking of your friends.

It’s your decision. That’s fine. But do you know how to delete multiple snapchat friends?

I guess you are unaware about the fact. Don’t worry about that. It is a pretty simple process. And you will get the complete know-how in this post.

However, there are certain issues you must know before unfriending everyone. Let’s check them in detail here.

What is Snapchat?

Of course, you have the idea about the app, don’t you? However, if you are a newbie, you must get some idea about the app.

Snapchat is a social app. But there is a basic difference with the contemporary social platforms.

The images and messages in this platform are temporary. In fact, they last for a short time. Once you (or the intended recipient) see them, the posts will disappear.

But the other social platforms are a bit different than it. The posts on those platforms remain the same unless you manually remove them. In this comparison, Snapchat is special.

How to Delete Multiple Snapchat Friends?


You have a sad news to hear. Are you ready?

Snapchat does not allow removing multiple friends at a time. There is no such feature. The platform is a completely different than the others.

So, what to do? Not to worry.

There are two ways you can follow to remove. The first one is to remove your Snapchat friends one by one. And the second one is to delete your Snapchat account.

Snapchat account deletion

This is the widely appreciated process. When you delete your account, all your friends will be automatically removed. Also, the chats and other activities will also vanish, automatically.

Hence, you can go through the directives here to delete your account.

Step 1

Launch Snapchat

The first task is to launch the snapchat. Either you can do it using a computer web browser, or using your smartphone. It is your preference.

The Snapchat interface will appear in front of you. Now, you have to move for the second step.

Step 2

Go to Settings

Go to the Settings option of your account. All the account settings are available there. Then, look for the Delete My Account option. Click on the option to move forward.

Step 3

Account deletion

Next, you have to provide the necessary credentials. And follow the instructions to proceed. Confirm the process.

Remember, your account data will not be deleted instantly. It will take up to a month for complete removal of those data like chats, photos and others.

During this time, you should not use the account.

After a month, try to login into the account. Hopefully, you will be unable to access in the account.

And at the same time, all your friends, chats and other activities will be removed.

You are done!

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