How to Deselect in Photoshop?

This post explains how to deselect in Photoshop in three ways. Photoshop has different selection tools. Some of these (as you might already know) include Marquee Tools, Lasso Tools, and Quick Selection Tool.

Though beginner Photoshop users can quickly access these tools, not many know how to use them, particularly while deselecting layers and vector images.

How to Deselect in Photoshop?

Selections in Photoshop can either be layers or objects. Regardless of the type, follow these steps on your Windows or Mac computer.

  1. Ensure your selection is active or, in order words, make sure the object or layer is selected. An item is selected when dash lines are moving around it.
  2. Click “Select” found at the top bar and click “Deselect” from a small menu that appears. Congratulations. You’ve deselected a selection.

Alternate Method:

  1. Make sure the item is selected.
  2. Press CTRL + D on Windows or CMD + D on Mac. This step will deselect the object.

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