How to Disable Skype in Windows 10?

Needless to say that Skype is one of the most popular communication channels. People use this communication tool for numerous purposes.

Mostly, Skype is popular for its free phone call feature. When you want to make a long-distance call, Skype is one of the best alternatives. And you know what – you can make smooth video conference through skype.

So, this app has become an essential one to users since its inception.

However, sometimes, it causes irritation. When not in use, the Skype interface appears on the screen. And it annoys the users. Therefore, it is wise to disable it on your computer.


Do you know how to disable skype in windows 10? If not, this post is the perfect match for you.

How to disable skype in windows 10?

Well. This is a simple process. You need not be a rocket scientist to disable it on your Windows 10. Simply, follow the steps below. They will guide you to your destination.

Step 1

Go to Settings

As the first step, you have to visit your Settings app from your computer. You need to press the Start button. From there, select the Settings app. Next, go to System Settings. And then select the Privacy option.

Step 2

Find App Permission

Now, you have to navigate this section. Find the App Permissions section. There are numerous options under this section. You have to select the Background apps. After the selection, browse until you get Skype.

Step 3

Toggle it

It’s the last stage of this ‘operation.’ When you have Skype, you will get a toggle option. Turn it off. From now onwards, Skype is disabled. It will not appear in the background when you start the computer.

You are done with the process of disabling skype during the Windows 10 startup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use skype for my desktop computer?

Of course, you can install Skype on your computer. In fact, this is suitable for multiple platforms. You can use it on your mobile phone as well as on your desktop.

What are the key features of the Skype desktop?

While using Skype for desktop, you will get several options. You can set your profile picture and update it as per your needs. At the same time, you can manage your subscriptions, get different settings, make direct and free phone and video calls.

Using the search button, you can search contacts or specific chats of your friends. Through the dial pad, it is easier to dial phone digits.

These are the key features of the skype desktop.

My skype isn’t providing notifications. What can I do?

This is a common issue of skype users. If you witness such problems, not to panic. The first thing is to uninstall skype from your device. Then, download skype from its official website. Don’t worry, it’s completely free.

Re-installing and providing necessary permission will solve the problem.

How to disable skype in windows 10?

Well. If you want to disable skype in Windows 10, you are to follow the steps mentioned above. Hopefully, you will be successful in this process.

My skype in signing out automatically. Why this is happening?

There are several reasons of signing out from skype automatically. The key reason is the backdated version. You can try updating the skype. Experts recommend to uninstall the tool and then re-install the latest version.

Usually, the latest version contains the bug fixes. So, this could be a potential solution.

Last words

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