How to Do Takedowns in Warzone

There are a few different ways to perform takedowns in Warzone, but the most common and effective way is to use your knives. To do a takedown with your knife, you will need to get behind your enemy and then press the melee attack button. This will cause your character to lunge forward and stab the enemy in the back.

If done correctly, the enemy will be instantly killed. Another way to do takedowns is by using explosives. Simply place an explosive device near your enemy and then detonate it when they are close enough.

This will also kill them instantly.

  • Learn the basics of takedowns
  • There are a few different ways to take down an opponent in Warzone, so it’s important to learn the basics of each method
  • Find a good vantage point
  • Takedowns are often best performed from a distance, so try to find a good spot where you can see your opponents clearly
  • Use cover wisely
  • When taking down an opponent, be sure to use cover wisely so that you don’t get taken down yourself! 4
  • Be patient and strategic
  • Takedowns require patience and strategy, so don’t Rush in blindly! Try to take down opponents one by one rather than all at once for the best chance of success

How Do You Do Executions in Warzone?

In Warzone, there are two ways to execute an enemy player. The first is to use your melee weapon, and the second is to use a finishing move. To perform a melee execution, simply approach an enemy player from behind and press the attack button.

Your character will automatically swing their weapon and kill the enemy. There is no configuration required for this method, making it very simple to execute enemies. The second way to execute players in Warzone is by using a finishing move.

To do this, you must first down an enemy player with gunfire or explosives. Once they are down on the ground, approach them and press the appropriate button for your platform (X on Xbox One, Square on PlayStation. Your character will then perform a unique execution animation specific to their weapon type.

This method requires some timing and practice but can be very satisfying when executed properly.

How Do You Use Finishing Moves in Warzone?

There are a few different ways to use finishing moves in Warzone. The most common way is to use them when an enemy is down but not out. To do this, approach the enemy and hold down the right bumper/trigger.

This will bring up a menu of different finishing move options. Choose the one you want and your character will perform it. Another way to use finishing moves is during stealth missions.

If you can get behind an enemy undetected, you can hold down the right bumper/trigger to bring up the same menu of finishing move options. Again, choose the one you want, and your character will perform it. And finally, there are some specific circumstances in which certain finishing moves can be performed automatically – usually when an enemy is stunned or otherwise incapacitated.

Pay attention to these opportunities as they arise and quickly press the appropriate button to execute the move before the opportunity disappears.

How Do I Do Finishing Moves in Cod?

There are a few different ways to do finishing moves in COD. The most common way is to use the melee button when you’re close to an enemy. This will cause your character to do a quick, powerful attack that can kill an enemy in one hit.

You can also use finishing moves with certain weapons. For example, if you have a sniper rifle and line up a headshot, you can press the melee button to instantly kill your target. Some guns also have special melee attacks that can be performed by pressing the melee button while aiming down sights.

Finally, there are some environmental kills that count as finishing moves. For example, you can shoot an enemy who’s standing next to an explosive barrel and watch them get blown up for an instant kill. Or, you can knife an enemy who’s hanging off of a ledge and watch them fall to their death.

So, those are some of the ways you can perform finishing moves in COD! Experiment with different methods and see which ones work best for you in various situations.

How Do You Perform Finishing Moves in Modern Warfare?

In the most recent installment of the Modern Warfare series, there are a total of 25 different finishing moves that can be performed by the player. To perform a finishing move, the player must first kill an enemy with a melee weapon. Once the enemy is down, approach them and press the desired button for the type of finish you want to perform.

There are 5 different categories of finishes: Knife, Pistol, Riot Shield, Shotgun, and Grenade. Each category has its own unique animation. For example, performing a knife finish will cause your character to stab their blade into the downed enemy’s chest; whereas performing a grenade finish will involve your character picking up and throwing a live grenade at the downed enemy’s body.

Once a finishing move has been initiated, it cannot be stopped; so make sure you’re ready to commit before pressing that button!

How to Do Finisher in Warzone Ps4

If you’re looking to complete the “Finisher” challenge in Warzone on PS4, here’s what you need to know. In order to get the challenge done, you’ll need to use a melee weapon to kill 25 enemies. The best place to do this is in one of the game’s many Gulag fights.

To get started, make your way into a gulag and find an enemy. Once you’re close enough, press R1 to attack with your melee weapon. If successful, your enemy will be downed and you’ll earn a point toward the challenge.

Repeat this process 25 times and the challenge will be completed!


If you’re looking to improve your takedown game in Warzone, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you’re using the right gun for the job. SMGs and shotguns are great for close-range encounters, while assault rifles and sniper rifles are better for long-range engagements.

Second, use cover to your advantage; peek out from behind cover and take quick shots at enemies before they have a chance to react. Finally, don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with your opponents; sometimes the best way to take them down is to just run up and punch them in the face!

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