How to Double Space on Google Docs

Google Docs has several line spacing options in which 1.15 is the default. If you want to make a document easier to read or would love to make notes on a printed paper, then read on for how to double space on google docs both in web and mobile applications.

Another area I’ve covered is how to add space between texts on Google Docs. Text spacing refers to the number of blank spaces between every word (not letters) in a document. So stay tuned until the end of this post for the revealing of that information.

How to Double Space on Google Docs:

  1. Head over to from a desktop web browser.
  2. Open the desired document.
  3. Highlight the entire document. Use one of these methods.
    • Click “Edit” at the top bar and then choose “Select All.” This will highlight the entire document.
    • Using your mouse, click and drag from one point of the document to the other.
    • You can also use the keyboard command: CTRL + A on Windows or CMD + A for Mac users.
  4. After highlighting, click “Format” on the top bar.
  5. Select “Line spacing” and then choose “Double” to double space.

How to Double Space on Google Docs Mobile App:

Though I used an Android device for this demonstration, this instruction should also work on any iPhone device.

  1. Open the Google Docs mobile app.
  2. Open the document in which to add double spacing.
  3. At the bottom right corner, tap the “blue circle” icon.
  4. Press and hold a text. Then use your finger or the onscreen cursor to highlight every text you want double spaced.
  5. Tap the editing icon found at the top-right screen. It’s an A with horizontal lines to its right.
  6. Switch to the “Paragraph” tab.
  7. Use the “up and down arrow” icon next to “Line spacing” to increase or decrease the value to 2. 2 represents double spacing.

Tip: I mentioned earlier that Docs features a couple of line spacing options. Use #7 above to play with the options and settle for what suits your needs.



How to add space between words (or text) on Google Docs:

Adding more spacing between words literarily made the whole text more attractive.

  1. Open Google Docs on a desktop web browser and the desired document.
  2. Highlight the text.
  3. Click “Edit” found at the top bar.
  4. Select “Find and Replace.”
  5. In “Find,” press your spacebar once. In the background, notice that the spacing between every word becomes highlighted.
  6. In “Replace,” press the spacebar two or more times. The number of presses will determine the amount of space between words.
  7. Click “Replace all” to complete the process.

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