How to Download Funimation on Pc

1. Go to the website: 2. Scroll down to the “Downloads” section and click on the link for “PC.” 3. Click on the orange “Download Now” button.

4. Once the download is finished, open up the file and run through the installation process. 5. After everything is installed, launch Funimation and enjoy!

  • Go to the Funimation website and create an account
  • Log in to your account and click on the “My Queue” tab
  • Find the anime series that you want to watch and hover over the thumbnail image for that show
  • A menu will pop up with several options; click on the “Download” button
  • Select the quality of the video you want to download and click on the “Confirm” button
  • The download will start automatically and you can find it in your “Downloads” folder when it is finished

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Can You Download Funimation on a Pc?

Yes, you can download Funimation on a PC. You can either go to the website and click on the “Download” button, or you can search for “Funimation” in the Microsoft Store and install the app from there. Once you have installed the app, you will need to sign in with your Funimation account in order to access all of the content.

If you don’t have a Funimation account, you can create one for free on the website.

How Do I Download Funimation Episodes to My Laptop?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to download Funimation episodes to your laptop: 1. Go to and create an account or sign in if you already have one. 2. Find the show you want to watch and click on it.

3. On the show’s page, look for the “Watch Now” button and click it. This will take you to the episode’s page. 4. On the episode’s page, look for the “Download” button below the video player and click it.

5. A new window will pop up asking where you want to save the file on your computer. Choose a location and then click “Save” (or hit enter). 6. The downloading process will now start – wait until it is finished before trying to open the file!

Why Can I Not Download Funimation?

If you’re having trouble downloading Funimation, there are a few things you can check. First, make sure that your device is compatible with the Funimation app. Second, check your internet connection to ensure that it’s working properly.

Finally, try restarting the app or reinstalling it. If you’re still having trouble, reach out to Funimation’s customer support for help.

Where Can I Get Funimation?

Funimation is available on the web at, on iOS and Android devices through the FunimationNow app, on select smart TVs, gaming consoles, and home media players. You can also purchase or rent Funimation titles through major digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Microsoft Movies & TV.

Funimation App Windows 11

The Funimation app for Windows 11 has arrived! This app allows you to watch your favorite Funimation shows and movies on your Windows device. It’s easy to use and free to download, so don’t wait any longer – get the Funimation app today!

Once you have the app installed, simply sign in or create a new account. Then, browse through our extensive library of titles and start watching! With the Funimation app, you can:

– WatchFunimation shows and movies whenever you want, wherever you are – Stream episodes in HD quality – Create a custom watchlist of your favorite titles

– Get recommendations for new shows based on what you like – And much more! So what are you waiting for?

Get the Funimation app now and start watching your favorite anime today!


Funimation is a platform where you can watch anime shows and movies. It is available as an app on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. You can also access it through its website.

Funimation has a wide range of anime titles that you can choose from. It also has a subscription service that gives you access to all its content. In this article, we will show you how to download Funimation on PC.