How to Dump Smash 4

Looking for a tutorial on dumping smash 4 for Wii U? This step-by-step guide shows how to dump Smash 4 for Wii U through your network using a program called DDD.


How To Dump Smash 4:


How To Dump Smash 4


With all of these set, here’s how to dump Smash 4 for Wii U

Step 1:

Download and unzip the DDD dumper file to a specified path on your computer. Then, insert your Wii U SD card into your PC, and make a copy of the extracted folder into your SD card.

Step 2:

Open the “Wii U” folder on your SD card. Here, you’ll find six files, plus another folder titled “Wii U”. Copy and paste “this” folder to the root of your SD Card.

Your computer might prompt you to confirm the folder merge; click yes to confirm the replacement. Now, your SD card is set up for DDD.

Step 3:

Eject your SD card from your PC and put it back into your Wii U. Then, turn on your Wii U and leave it open.

Step 4:

It’s time to find the IP address of your computer. To do this, open “Command Prompt” on your computer, type in “Ipconfig” without the XX, and press enter.

The numbers next to “IPv4 Address,” which looks like is the IP Address. Keep the number.

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Step 5:

Open the “Wii U” file saved on your PC. Navigate to and right-click the file that says “Dump everything” to edit the file. You can specify the folder you’d like to see your dumped games.

After that, run the batch file. It’ll display a message that says “Waiting for WiiU connection…” Keep this open.

Note: make sure you close other programs such as google chrome and skype before running the batch file to avoid the error.

Step 6:

On your Wii U, ensuring the SD card is already inserted, select an internet browser, and head over to

When the site loads, select “Homebrew Launcher 1.2” as the program and continue.

Step 7:

On the Homebrew launcher screen, select and load DDD.

As a side note: you might be greeted with an error message. Usually, when this happens, you only need to download a file and place it in a specified folder.

Step 8:

Don’t fret if the screen goes dark for a while. On the next screen, change the IP Address (Server IP) to your system IPAddress. Press X to install DDD dumper and return to your Wii U system menu.

Step 10:

Lastly, launch Smash 4 from your home screen. Within seconds, you should see the dump process running on your computer.

This process will take a while because Wii U games are big and network data transfer rate is slow.



That’s how to dump Smash 4 for Wii U using DDD title dumper. Let me know if you’ve any questions in the comment section below.

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