How to Enable Spell Checker on Android Phone?

Want to learn how to enable spell checker on Android phone? This can be particularly important when you are tired of making spelling errors arising from typing mistakes. Also, having a second pair of an eye will help ensure you are sending the right words.

Enable Spell Checker on Android Phone

You know, it can really be embarrassing sending messages filled with typos to a friend, crush, or even your boss.

Good enough, this article explains how to turn on a spell checker on your Android smartphone or tablet. After going through the post and implementing what you learn, you won’t send messages full of errors anymore.

But before looking into that, I’m guessing you already know the difference between Spell Checker and AutoCorrect as both terms are often confused.

Well, let’s make sure we are on the same page.

Spell Checker Vs. AutoCorrect:

Both are inbuilt app, or more appropriately small programs, that check for spelling issues.

Spell checker slides a red line under any questionable word or text that it deems unfit in a context. It also provides you with a list of possible replacement words.

On the other hand, AutoCorrect automatically changes anything it considers a spelling error to something it deems more appropriate.

But this can really be annoying when you know you are damn right about your choice of word.

Now that we’re clear on the differences, here’s how to enable (or disable) the Android spell checker on your smartphone or tablet.

How to enable spell checker on Android phone:

Depending on who made your phone, the name and/or placement of Spell Checker might vary.

However, most manufacturers place the spell checker under Languages and Input in Settings.

To modify the setting, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to your device settings, perhaps by clicking the “gear icon” from the app drawer.
  2. Scroll down and tap Languages and Input. On Android8.0 (Oreo), you’ll first need to select “System” before seeing Languages and Input. For Samsung Galaxy users, it is under “General Management”.
  3. Once you are on the L&I menu, find and click on “Spell Checker.” Some phone models might call it “Spelling correction.” If you can’t see the Spell Checker option straight on the page, select “Advanced” to reveal it.
  4. Once you’re on the spell checker menu, simply tap the toggle to enable the setting. The spell checker is enabled when the toggle is blue and disabled when grayed out.
  5. In case you want to disable the spell check helper, just slide off the toggle.

Check That Your Android Spell Check App is Working:

After effecting the setting, head over to any messaging app on your phone. Then type up something and deliberately make some spelling errors.

Almost immediately, you’ll notice such words or texts to be sitting on a red underline.

For possible replacement, simply tap the word and choose from any of the suggested words.

Note, however, that the spell check app is built on a dictionary system that checks for words that are not in its database. Therefore, the spell-checker might flag slang or technical terms.

If you’re typing in a language other than English, the spell-checker might flag the word too.

Go ahead and use the above instructions to enable a spell checker on your Android phone or tablet!

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