How to Erase iPhone With Broken Screen – Simple Hacks For Beginners

Can you remember the ways how to erase iPhone with broken screen?

Well. The answer is a straight “NO,” for the majority of the readers. Because they are unaware of the matter. And most of the cases, they change the phone without wiping the data.

Consequently, they can be in hot water. If the data is in the wrong hand. So, it is a must to remove the data from the iPhone if the screen is broken. And in this post, you will get some precise ideas about the matter.


How to erase iphone with broken screen


Besides, there are some other issues you ignored earlier. I will explain all of them one after another. So, please be patient and go through the texts. I can bet it will make you feel better.

Benefits of using iPhone

Do you know why iPhone is gaining business even in the present day?

The key answer is comfort. The iDevices provide a sense of comfort to the users. Next comes security. They are secured. Even the manufacturers are unable to breach the security measures as well. Hence, it gained the title of the most secured phone.

But the scenarios are not the same as other contemporary devices.


The most important aspect of using iPhone is comfort. Everyone wants to remain in the comfort zone. They do not want to get out of their comfort areas. Therefore, they need a device that will support till the end.

And iPhone does the same. The features, user interface, functions, apps – all are comfortable.

Varied applications

Another important aspect is the applications. You will have a number of free and paid applications for your device. And Apple Store is a nice place to collect all of them. Further, the application’s properties are smaller. They need less space on your device.

Excellent camera features

Do you remember when you had captured the cheerful moments of your life? Surely, you can’t. Because you never notice when you had the moment. But when you have an iPhone, you can easily capture the moments of life.

Your camera will always be with you. And it constantly will remind you to take photos. Ultimately, you will have some memories to cherish.

Longer power backup

At the same time, you will get incredible power backup. There might be some technical glitches. And those may result in a power drain. But with a simple update, you get the optimum level of power. You will never need to carry your charging suits to plug it in for charging.

Smart Accessories

Also, you will get the smartest accessories to adore your device. The option of stylish and colorful covers can bring a shiny look to your phone.

How to erase iPhone with broken screen?

Now, you are aware of the benefits. Let’s get into the process how to erase iphone with broken screen.

An iPhone may get broken. There are no specific parameters of this process. Most of the cases, it is accidental.

However, once the display is broken, you have to repair it. Or you can sell it too.

No matter what you do. You are free to sell the device or keep it using after the repair. But you must erase the iPhone. It is for your security. There might be sensitive information, data, or images. And if they are in wrong hand, you may have to suffer.

Moreover, there are some other troubles as well. You cannot access the phone. It is nearly impossible to make phone calls. Or receive them. Thus, the best way is to wipe the data inside.

How to do that?

There are several ways. But I will explain only two ways how to erase iPhone with broken screen.

Method 1

Use the iCloud

iCloud is a place where all your data is stored. But you need to make an account there. The process is simple. You have to open the account using Enter your credentials and get access. You will get all the necessary data and information there.

How to erase iPhone with broken screen in iCloud?

Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Access the iCloud- sign in to the iCloud account. Make sure you provide the right ID and password.

Now, select the “Find iPhone” option.

Step 2

After selecting the “Find iPhone” option, select the “All Devices” option from the menu. You will get several (or single) devices. Select the device that you own.

Step 3

Next, press the “Erase iPhone” option. Your iPhone will be erased.

Method 2

Using iTunes

If you cannot access iCloud, you can use iTunes as well.

Step 1

Launch iTunes on your computer. And take your iPhone to “Recovery Mode.” For the Recovery Mode, you need to hold the “Home” button and “Sleep/ Wake” button for half a minute.

Step 2

Now, connect your iDevice to iTunes. ITunes will show you a message that your device has been connected. And the device is in “Recovery Mode.”

Step 3

The next step is restoring the phone. You have to select the “Restore” option from the options available. Usually, the option is located in the center of the menu in iTunes.

This option will restore your iPhone. All the old data will be wiped.

So, that was all about how to erase iPhone with broken screen. Not to worry even if the screen is broken.

However, experts recommend using the device with care. At times, it is not possible to replace the broken screen even in the Apple centers. You may get some alternative screens. But they are not up to the mark. Always.

Besides, their performance is also below standard. You may witness some color issues. The screen may not have the right resolution. If you are a gamer, the screen replacement may not satisfy gaming needs. Instead, it will invite irritations.

Thus, the best idea is to remain careful while using the iPhone. But you know how to erase iPhone with broken screen.

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