How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S3

If you want to reset your Samsung Galaxy S3 back to its factory settings, here’s how:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on Backup & Reset.

3. Tap on Factory Data Reset and then tap on Reset Device.

4. You will be prompted to enter your password or PIN for security purposes, so enter it and then tap on Continue.

  • Power off your device 2
  • Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home button 3
  • While still holding these keys, press and release the Power button 4
  • Continue to hold the Volume Up key and the Home button until you see the Android System Recovery screen 5
  • Use the Volume Down key to highlight ‘wipe data/factory reset’ 6
  • Press the Power button to select this option 7
  • Use the Volume Down key again to highlight ‘Yes – delete all user data 8
  • Press the Power button once more to confirm your selection

How Do I Force My Samsung to Factory Reset?

If you’re looking to factory reset your Samsung device, there are a few different ways you can do it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to force a factory reset on both Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. There are a few reasons why you might want to factory reset your Samsung device.

Maybe you’re selling it and want to remove all of your personal data, or maybe you’re experiencing some glitches and hope that starting from scratch will fix the issue. Whatever the reason, factory resetting is pretty easy to do. On most Samsung devices, you can force a factory reset by going into the “Recovery Mode.”

To access Recovery Mode, first power off your device completely. Then press and hold the Power button, Volume Up button, and Bixby button simultaneously until you see the Android logo on the screen. Once in Recovery Mode, use the Volume buttons to navigate through the menu and highlight “Wipe data/factory reset.

Press the Power button to select it. At this point, you’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to proceed with the factory reset. Choose “Yes” using the Volume buttons and then press Power once more to confirm.

Your Samsung device will now start erasing all of its data and return to its default settings. Once that’s finished, highlight “Reboot system now” in Recovery Mode and press Power again to restart your device. And that’s it!

Your Samsung should now be as good as new.

How Do You Factory Reset a Samsung Phone That is Locked?

If you have a Samsung phone that is locked and you want to factory reset it, there are a few different ways that you can do this. One way is to use the Find My Mobile service from Samsung. This service will allow you to remotely reset your phone if you have an account with Samsung.

Another way to factory reset your locked Samsung phone is to use a third-party software program like Dr.Fone – Android Lock Screen Removal. This program will allow you to bypass the lock screen on your phone and factory reset it without losing any data.

How Do I Force a Factory Reset?

A factory reset is a full restore of an electronic device to its original settings. This can be useful if you are having issues with your device and need to start fresh. In most cases, a factory reset will remove all data from your device including any third-party apps you have installed, your personal settings, and any saved files or data.

There are two ways to perform a factory reset on most devices: through the settings menu or by using physical buttons. To do a factory reset through the settings menu, find the “reset” option in the Settings app and follow the prompts. On some devices, you may need to select “Factory Reset” or something similar.

If you can’t find the option in the Settings app, try searching for it in the search bar. To do a factory reset with physical buttons, look for a button combination that will work on your specific device—this is often listed in the user manual. For example, on Samsung Galaxy devices, you would need to press and hold down the power button and volume up button at the same time until you see a screen that says “Recovery Booting.

Then use the volume buttons to navigate to “wipe data/factory reset” and press the power button to select it. Keep in mind that performing a factory reset will delete all of your personal data from your device so be sure to back up anything important before proceeding.

How Do I Reset My Samsung Galaxy S3 Watch?

If you’re having trouble with your Samsung Galaxy S3 watch, there are a few things you can try to reset it. First, make sure the watch is turned off. If it’s still on, hold down the power button for about 10 seconds to force it to turn off.

Next, remove the back cover of the watch and take out the battery. Wait a minute or two before putting the battery back in and turning on the watch. If that doesn’t work, try connecting the watch to a computer using a USB cable and running the “Smart Watch Reset” program from Samsung’s website.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always factory reset your watch by holding down the power button and volume up button simultaneously for about 10 seconds until you see the “Factory Data Reset” screen appear.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S3 Without Password

If you’ve forgotten your Samsung Galaxy S3’s password, there’s no need to worry. You can easily factory reset your device without the need for a password. Here’s how:

1. Go to your Samsung Galaxy S3’s home screen and tap on the Menu button.

2. Tap on Settings and then scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Backup & Reset.

3. Tap on Factory Data Reset and then confirm that you want to proceed with the reset by tapping on the Reset Device button.

4. Your Samsung Galaxy S3 will now be factory reset!


If your Samsung Galaxy S3 is acting up, or you want to sell it, then you may want to factory reset it. This will wipe all of the data off of the phone, so be sure to back everything up first. To factory reset your Galaxy S3, go to the settings menu and scroll down to the bottom.

Tap on the “Backup & Reset” option. Then, tap on the “Factory Data Reset” button and confirm that you want to do this. The phone will then restart and all of your data will be gone.

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